Sunday, April 29, 2012

30 Day Challenge-Day 29

Today is supposed to be a book I am proud I read. Well, I don't know that I get proud when I read something. I read all kinds of literature. I am happy when I muddle through something that is difficult to read. So I thought I would make today favorite book covers from books I have read so far this year. In no particular order:

Every book cover in this series I love love love! In fact I got Waterfall on my Kindle but decided to go ahead and buy the paperback copies of the series because I loved the covers so much. If you haven't read them YOU MUST!

From the first time I saw this cover I was hooked! The book did not disappoint.

This is from the Winds of Change series by Julie Lessman. I love the 20's look on the girls from each cover!

While the book wasn't a big mystery, I thought the cover looked mysterious.

I don't know if it is the blue or what that caught my interest in this cover, but I knew I was going to read this book the minute I saw it!

To me this one looks fanciful, maybe fairytale-ish.

Any particular covers catch your eye here? How about anything that you have read so far? Anything you just had to read because the cover caught your eye?

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