Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Always Watching by Lynette Eason

Wade Savage has a stalker. The person has left him random gifts showing how much the person loves Wade. Wade is determined that this stalker is not going to affect his life. He has even called the person out on his radio show. This causes the stalker to escalate in intensity. Wade's dad calls in the Elite Guardians to help protect his son.

When one of the team members is severely attacked Olivia takes over being Wade's body guard. She utilizes all of her team when she realizes that this stalker will stop at nothing to get to Wade, even if they have to hurt his daughter Amy to get to him.

Olivia has closed her heart to love from anyone. Love hurts and disappoints, so Olivia has chosen to go through life on her own. Her closed heart slowly begins to melt while protecting Wade.

I've said it before and I'll probably say it a lot more, I love romantic suspense novels! And I really enjoyed this first book in the Elite Guardian series. There was enough suspense to keep me turning the pages. I really enjoyed the romance between Olivia and Wade also. I also liked the way the author kept the reader guessing who the stalker was until the very end. I kept going back and forth between a couple of characters. In the end I kind of had an idea, but still the wrap up was intense. Great start to the series, looking forward to reading about the rest of the women in the Elite Guardian series.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Take The Key And Lock Her Up by Ally Carter

Grace Blakely is on the run from the people trying to kill her and her brother. The problem is that there are two groups trying to kill them. Who wants them dead more? The royals of Adria who stand to lose the crown if they are found or the secret society that has kept their bloodline hidden for hundreds of years?

Grace wants nothing more than to end this centuries old secret, but there is only one way she see's to do that. She must make a deal with the devil that will save her brother, but ruin the rest of Grace's life.

I think this is the last book in the Embassy Row series. I'm not sure on that though. Grace really got on my last nerve this time around. I understand the whole point of portraying her as broken, but it started to come across as whiny rather than crazy. At one point I expected that Grace and her friends came up with a solution that would have a grand reveal towards the end of the book, but really there wasn't anything to that. She did have good friends that stuck by her even in her crazy periods and Alexei was a nice romantic figure throughout. I'm glad that we finally find out who originally wanted Grace's mom killed and why they wanted her and her brother gone, but even though this seems to be the wrap up I still find myself thinking there were loose ends left hanging. So I find myself a little bit disappointed in this book, but yet it kept me reading to find out the ending of Grace's story so not all was lost.

Monday, January 2, 2017

The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer

Alex is on the run from her former employer. Alex has perfected the art of interrogation and now someone wants her dead. Faced with the chance to gain her life back, Alex agrees to meet with her former employer to see what it will take. Alex's next and hopefully last job will be to get information out of Daniel that will save millions of people. Unfortunately Alex and Daniel are both pawns in an even bigger game!

I really liked The Chemist. I loved Alex's character and the way she used all of her chemicals to keep herself alive. I loved that she was able to protect herself from those that wanted her dead. I didn't particularly care for her job in interrogation. I wasn't a fan of how her and Daniel got together, I found it a bit unrealistic, but I was able to overlook it and enjoy the relationship that they eventually had. There was a lot of action that reminded me of a spy/thriller movie with a strong female lead. I've read reviews that compared the book to Bourne, I guess that it could be with the government ties that The Chemist has, but I'm thinking more along the lines of Long Kiss Goodnight! I really liked that this was a totally different book than any of this author's Twilight series or her other stand alone book The Host.

**Content warning: This book contains sexual situations(not graphic), language, and some scenes of violence that may offend some readers**

Friday, December 30, 2016

Top 16 of 2016

TOP 16 OF 2016

I always do a Top pick of the books I have read throughout the year to match the year. The further we get into the century though I may have to change that. Maybe I'll change it up once it is 2021. That way I can get to the Top 20 of 2020! So here you go, my Top 16 picks of 2016:
The last book in this series. I was sad to see it end, but the wrap-up was great!
I thought this was a return to the "old Dee Henderson" way of writing. Looking forward to the next book in the series.
I really liked the beginning of this new series. 
Irene Hannon always writes great novels and I definitely enjoyed this Men of Valor series.
I loved this series! It took me long enough to get to it, but once I started reading I read the whole series!

I love anything written by Karen Witemeyer
I love this series and this was a great finale!
Susan Sleeman is definitely one of my favorite authors. And really how can I not love her since she quotes me on the cover of this book! 
I got to meet Keli Gwyn on my vacation out in CA this year. She is a delight! I love her books!
The sequel to Haunting Joy was wonderful! If Lena writes it, I'm going to read it!
This one hit close to home as it is about a group of senior citizens. I'm getting closer to that age! I loved this story and it introduces us to the town of Finley which is featured in the Forever Finley series(see # 3)
I love the First Responders series and the Love Inspired Suspense line is one of my favorites. And of course Susan Sleeman!
I loved this story! It was heart-wrenching, it made me cry and it made me laugh. An excellent YA novel
This came out in monthly installments and I absolutely loved the town of Finley and all of the things about the Amos and Finley legend. Each monthly installment had it's own cover, and this is the whole compilation all in one book.
Julie Lessman y'all! She absolutely has to be on my list every year and she didn't disappoint with this novel!
The first in the River of Time California du-ology. I loved it!

The final book in The River of Time series? Maybe? Love, love loved it!

Yes, I have 2 number 1 picks! I loved them both equally and so I couldn't choose which one I wanted as number 1. I highly recommend all of the authors on my list. I loved every one of the books that I read on my 2016 list. This is why it is hard for me to narrow my choice down to Top 10. I didn't make my 2016 reading goal on Goodreads this year, but I sure enjoyed all of the books that I read. Looking forward to see what the world of reading brings me this coming year of 2017.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

For Fun: My Life According to Literature 2016

Kara over at Flowers of Quiet Happiness posted this on her blog and I thought it looked fun so I'm going to try it. My post for Top 16 of 2016 comes out tomorrow so I thought this was a good wrap up for the year. Using the books that I have read in 2016:

Describe yourself: MILES LEFT YET(Holly Schindler)

How do you feel today: A HOME OF HER OWN(Keli Gwyn)I would love a home of my own, at the moment we are a houseful of 7 with 3 dogs and a cat. Our daughter and her family moved in in October after they sold their house. They have been waiting to close on a piece of property with a mobile home on it. That happens today. We have enjoyed this time with them and still love them!

Describe where you currently live: A CASTLE IN THE SKY(Miranda Atchley)

If you could go anywhere, you would go to: FOUR WINDS(Lisa T. Bergren)

Your favorite form of transportation: PONY EXPRESS HERO (Rhonda Gibson)

Your best friend is: NO OTHER WILL DO (Karen Witemeyer)

You and your friends are: THE NEWSMAKERS (Lis Wiehl)

What's the weather like: CHRISTMAS CONSPIRACY (Susan Sleeman) It has been unseasonably warm. But next week the big arctic blast arrives...or so they say.

You fear: THE CANDIDATE(Lis Wiehl) I guess we have picked our person and I don't really fear him, I fear for our country because we have turned our back on God.

What's the best advice you have to give: A GLIMMER OF HOPE(Julie Lessman)

Thought for the day: BREATHE(Lisa T. Bergren)

How would you like to die: ONLY THE HEART KNOWS (Lena Goldinch)

Your soul's present condition: LOVE EVERLASTING (Julie Lessman) Jesus is my love everlasting. My hope for you today is that you too will find that everlasting love that only HE can offer you.

So, how fun was that? I enjoyed reviewing all of the books I read and finding just the right one to go with each question. If you decide to do this post a comment with a link to your blog, I would love to read it! 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Only The Heart Knows by Lena Goldfinch

Mandy isn’t happy when her mother tells her that in order to find a husband she is going to need to move to Denver with her Aunt and Uncle. Mandy’s mother thinks that Mandy has belittled all of the men in Cross Creek through the years and must find new prospects out of the area.

Through the years Mandy has often felt put down by the boys she has grown up with. After all, boys don’t like a girl who is taller than them and can out-perform them.

Adam has inherited his uncle’s ranch. He’s needed a lot of advice to learn how to run the ranch since he was a banker by trade. So Adam has taken to anonymously writing to Ask Mack of the current newspaper in the area. Ask Mack is an advice column for men on ranching and nothing else.

Adam is attracted to Mandy and vice-versa, but they both have some insecurities and one is holding a secret that may not settle too well with the other. Can they set aside their misconceptions and misunderstandings and both find they were meant for each other?

Only The Heart Knows; it was a sweet romantic read. I enjoyed reading as both characters developed and matured and found their way. There were a couple of scenes that had me laughing out loud as well as more serious tones that delved deeper into insecurities that the characters had. Mandy and Adam were perfect for each other and the story had a very satisfying Happily Ever After that left me with a smile on my face.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Intermission by Serena Chase

Madeleine Faith (Faith to her family) wants to become a Broadway actress. Being a part of a family that looks down on the "artsy" is making it rather difficult for her to achieve that dream. When she meets Noah Spencer there is an instant connection between the two. Noah is 3 years older than her and set to go to London to study at The London Academy of Musical Theatre. That is, IF he gets accepted.

Faith's parents have never accepted the fact that Faith desires to study music. Faith feels that she can do no right in their eyes. Living in her two older siblings shadow Faith refuses to give up her dreams.

Playing Leisl and Rolf in a community production of The Sound of Music only brings Noah and Faith closer together. After the production they wish to date, but Faith's parents will have none of that. Especially Faith's mother. She won't even hear of meeting Noah. She does everything in her power to keep Faith and Noah apart. Will Noah and Faith be able to hold on or will they drift apart?

I absolutely loved this story! I love "young love" stories anyway, but add in all of the hurdles that Noah and Madeleine Faith had to face only added to the special-ness of this book. So many emotions were felt throughout the reading of this story. I felt like I was part of the story. Faith's heartache was so heart-wrenching and yet her ability to hold on was admirable and caused a big smile to come across this readers face. Faith's mom is totally over the top crazy! I found myself wanting to jump into the story and defend Faith! I wanted to go rescue Faith. So many things kept me turning the pages and totally engrossed in what was happening between Faith and Noah. This is the perfect YA novel that features young love, family angst, faith and triumph. At the risk of gushing, I will just say once more, I absolutely loved this story and highly recommend it.