Thursday, September 22, 2016

Love Everlasting by Julie Lessman

Shannon has no interest in flirting with player Sam, who's earned the nickname of Dr. Love. Shannon has gone down that road before and gotten burned. Shannon's brother Jack knows that Shannon is the perfect person to ask to get Dr. Love home after he's had too many drinks. Jack knows his sister won't fall to Dr. Love's charms.

Sam and his girlfriend have just broken up. Again. Sam is used to the dance and is sure that Jazz is the woman for him. Once he gets over his drunk Sam enlists Shannon's help in getting Jazz back. Sam and Shannon become the best of friends. Unfortunately Shannon isn't as immune to Dr. Love as she thought! Sam is dedicated to getting Jazz back and will do anything to prove that he is a changed man. Anything, including developing a faith in the God whom Shannon swears will give Sam the love everlasting he so desires.

I'm loving this Isle of Hope series! I love the characters. In Love Everlasting we catch up with all of the characters from Isle of Hope. Jack and Lacey have been married for a year now, and Ben has  arrived home only to find that he may have a rival for Tess's attention! Sam and Shannon's story is beautiful. I love how their friendship develops. I love how strong Shannon's faith is and how she is no-nonsense with Sam. She tells him like it is! I love the spiritual lessons that the characters learn. While the love stories play out among the characters, the ultimate love story of God's love for us is clearly presented. While author Julie Lessman is known for her passionate and drama-ridden characters, there is also an element of humor that lightens a scene. Speaking of passion...ooohhhhhh la la!*fans self*  Love Everlasting does not disappoint in that subject! If you are a fan of sizzling kisses that leave a character weak in the knees, then be prepared! While steamy kisses and smoldering looks abound, they are always tastefully portrayed and not carried beyond the bedroom door. Love Everlasting proves once again why Julie Lessman is at the top of my favorite author list!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Song for September by Holly Schindler

Michael left Finley years ago to pursue his dream in Nashville of becoming a singer. He lasted all of two weeks and then had to return home. Working in his mother's coffee shop, Michael sees his life as a failure. Stifling his dream of singing, Michael has settled for a life of daily drawing pictures into customers coffee orders. Roped into singing as backup for Gary, Michael is even more dissatisfied with his life.

When Michael meets George Hargrove something magical happens. Michael once again finds his voice and maybe, just maybe is instrumental in building a bridge for legendary couple Amos and Finley to find each other.

Favorite Quotes:

"In the meantime," Michael finished, his words now rote, lacking any enthusiasm at all, "The spirit of Amos is here, in town, granting wishes, Making dreams come true."

"Love was alive. His love of music was still breathing. And by sending it out into the world--he had created a bridge. The kind of bridge that could bring a happily-ever-after to the town's oldest legend."

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed Michael's story. I loved how he started out feeling defeated, but eventually, with the help of the mysterious George Hargrove, found his confidence and love of music once more. I loved the one-step-closer to Amos and Finley finding each other story. As always, I'm looking forward to the next installment of the Finley Short Story Cycle!

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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Downtown Green by Judy Christie

With the new highway bi-pass diverting people around Green, downtown is dying. Can Lois come up with a plan to help save their small town?

It sure seems that everyone pins a lot of responsibility on Lois to get them out of a bind! Chris and Lois now have a baby boy that keeps them on their toes. Lois is a good momma to baby Eddie, but she needs to loosen up a bit, she takes overprotective momma to a new level!

There are changes coming to Green, the question is, will Green survive them? Since coming to Green Lois has found herself in the middle of all of the happenings of small town life. She loves Green and is determined to do all in her power to keep Green from dying. The first thing that she and Chris do is purchase the old run down ice cream parlor. All of their friends help restore it.

All of the characters that we have come to love in Green are back. Also some that we are not so fond of. Major is now out of jail and up to his old tricks. I love all of the lives that Lois has touched through her move to Green. She has grown a lot since she has come to Green and hopes to raise her son in this small town where she has found love and purpose.

I enjoyed reading the Green series. I think this was the last one in the series although I don't think it really ended so there may be more...I hope!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Anne of Avonlea by L.M. Montgomery

Anne is 16 and ready to take on teaching at her home school in Avonlea. I think it is hard for us to imagine a 16 year old being mature enough to handle a classroom full of students! Like all 16 year old's Anne has specific ideas of how the school year should go. She has no intention of ever having to use the strap on any of her students, she will win them over with love and patience. Oh but those "Jonah" days do come up now and then don't they? Anne still has her imagination and still manages to get herself into some scrapes, but she is a more mature Anne at 16. Helping to raise twins Davy and Dora has added to her maturity along with teaching the Avonlea school. Anne makes some new friends in this installment which spans 2 years. Anne and Gilbert are friends now and a part of the Avonlea Improvement Society that has formed to help improve the landscape of beautiful Avonlea. While I love the Anne of Green Gables movies, they do not do the books justice. After Anne of Green Gables they kind of go off on a storyline of their own instead of following the rest of the books. So, if you haven't read the books I suggest you do so, they are so much better!

It is so fun to revisit a beloved character! I have read the Anne books several times since I first was introduced to the series when I was 10. I look forward to moving on to the next book.

Monday, August 29, 2016

The Nanny Solution by Barbara Phinney

When Victoria's step-father dies and leaves Victoria and her mother with embarrassing debts and bankruptcy Victoria's mother is determined to leave Boston in secret. She sends Victoria to her uncle in Colorado. Victoria's pride will not allow her to ask her uncle for money for the trip to Colorado so when Mitchell shows up on their doorstep asking for a nanny for his children while travelling to Colorado Victoria jumps at the chance to earn her train fare. Even though Victoria has no idea how to care for children she is determined to learn quickly. When Mitchell learns that Victoria is the niece of the crooked banker that holds the lease on his ranch he is less than happy! Thinking that once they reach Proud Bend they will go their separate ways Mitchell doesn't count on Victoria's tenacity in desiring to care for his children. Victoria has no desire to marry her uncle's business partner, but what is a penniless debutante to do?

I really liked the characters in The Nanny Solution. I loved how determined Victoria was to learn to earn her own way. I liked how she desired to be independent. I liked Mitchell in that he desired to take care of his children no matter what. I was frustrated that even though Victoria and Mitchell were attracted to each other that they kept denying it and pushing each other away. But at the same time I liked the message of pride becoming a person's downfall. The bit of suspense and the dastardly characters of Victoria's uncle and his business partner added a bit of excitement to the story and kept the story line moving along. I thought that it took Mitch and Victoria a bit too long to get to their "a-ha" moment, but they did eventually get there and the ending was sweet.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Rally Round Green by Judy Christie

The state is planning on closing Green's high school. They've sent in experts to facilitate the closure. Lois is not going to go down without a fight! The residents of Green need a school and Lois is determined to do all in her power to save theirs. Everyone rally's around saving Green's schools. Chris has pressure at work from the new person sent in to transition the school for closure. Lois, on top of running the newspaper, also is in the midst of remodeling she and Chris's new home.

I really enjoyed Rally Round Green. I liked the message of forgiveness and restoration. I liked that even though Lois was wronged in the past by certain people she was able to forgive them and give them a second chance. I love how the whole town comes together to help each other and to help save their school. I've really enjoyed the Green series and look forward to the next one.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Make-Believe Beau by Keli Gwyn

Jessica Sinclair has worked hard to become a top-notch draftswoman. Unfortunately very few women are in that profession so Jessie is constantly having to prove herself. When she has an opportunity to prove herself at a new job Jessie knows that there will be hurdles to jump in order to gain the respect of her fellow draftsmen.

Flynt Kavanaugh is the man that has gotten Jessie her job. He's seen her work and knows that she is the perfect match for their team. Since having a woman on the team is such a novelty Flynt's boss comes up with a plan to keep everyone working and Jessie from becoming a distraction. If Jessie and Flynt pretend they are courting then everything will run smoothly in the office and Jessie will be able to keep her job.

Jessie and Flynt both have secrets they prefer nobody ever knows about. Those secrets might prove the undoing of their ruse and their growing attraction towards each other.

I really enjoyed Make-Believe Beau. Jessie is a strong female character who is independent yet doesn't feel diminished by the comfort or protection of Flynt. Flynt knows how to frustrate a girl! Actually both Flynt and Jessie manage to frustrate each other. Their story is the perfect example of what happens when a person assumes they know what another person is thinking or feeling. There were sweet moments between Flynt and Jessie(the kiss...sigh!). I love the spiritual lesson taught in the story. Jessie's desire to help women caught in unfortunate circumstances showed her heart for obedience to the Lord. Make-Believe Beau is a sweet romance that left me smiling and satisfied.