Saturday, September 16, 2017

Pride and Prejudice Read-Along

Okay y'all, I am absolutely too excited for this read-along! P&P is my most favorite Austen read so this will be such a treat to share thoughts with everyone. Head over to Amber's blog Seasons of Humility and check out all of the details! I hope you join us because seriously, THE MORE THE MERRIER!!! I can't wait!!!! (*squeals with delight as I run to find which copy I am going to read!*)

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Jessie by Lori Wick

Jessie and Seth's romance and marriage was quick. As was Jessie's temper! Not long after they were married they found themselves arguing all of the time. Nothing Seth did could please Jessie. It became even worse once their daughter was born. Seth couldn't handle anymore and decided it would be best if he left. Leaving Jessie to raise 2 daughters, one that was born after Seth left. Now 8 years later Seth has returned. He's a changed man, but can Jessie ever trust him again?

Seth Redding is a character we met in the Yellow Rose Trilogy. He's the man that abducted Darvi and then fancied himself in love with her. Now after spending time in prison for his part in the abduction Seth has repented and turned his life over to Christ. I love reading stories of changed lives and what the Lord can do with broken people. Seth is definitely changed but Jessie isn't quite sure if she can trust that. And most of all she has no desire to believe in a God that she is sure does not exist. Seth patiently loves her and his daughters. He consistently shows Jessie that he is there to stay. I loved the changed Seth. He was a likable guy in A Texas Sky even though he was totally misguided in his behavior. Another part of the story that I enjoyed was Hannah and Nate's romance. It was sweet and heartwarming. Not my favorite Lori Wick trilogy, but still sweet reads filled with faith and romance.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Assaulted Caramel by Amanda Flower

Bailey King is set to be the next chocolatier at JP Chocolates in New York City. Bailey is called home to her Amish grandparents in Harvest, Ohio right before the big announcement is set to be made. Bailey's grandfather is very ill. The first thing that greets Bailey when she arrives is her grandfather arguing with a man in front of his Amish candy shop. When Bailey's grandfather collapses Bailey is beside herself. Bailey is even more distressed when she discovers the man that her grandfather was arguing with dead in the middle of her grandfather's candy shop kitchen, with Bailey's fingerprints all over the murder weapon!

Feeling like she and her grandparents are being framed for the murder Bailey takes it upon herself to find out who the real killer is. As Bailey's world begins to unravel will she find who the real killer is or will she end up in jail with no secret boyfriend, no best friend, and no famous chocolatier job?

I loved this first book in the Amish Candy Shop Mystery series! I enjoyed Bailey's character. She's feisty and confident and loyal to her grandparents. Her best friend Cass was hilarious! Her sarcasm and wit made me laugh out loud several times. And of course I have to mention deputy sheriff Aiden Brody...I hope he and Bailey will be an item in the coming books because they are perfect for each other! This series is once again set in Amish country which is author Amanda Flower's forte. She does an excellent job in capturing the Amish community and small-town life. And what would be a book set in a sweet shop without a recipe to try one of those chocolate goodies? There is a recipe for salted caramel fudge at the end of the book that sounds divine and I can't wait to try it! An excellent start to a new series and highly recommended!

P.S. I did make the salted caramel fudge and it was a big hit! mmmmm!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Sabrina by Lori Wick

Is it possible for a prostitutes sins to be forgiven and to be made clean? Sabrina finds that the answer is a resounding YES! Sabrina is brought into the home of a couple who help women like her to find a new life. Through the blood on the cross that Christ shed for her Sabrina finds forgiveness from her sins. But her old life is still close by and so the couple suggests that Sabrina move to Token Creek. There Sabrina finds a job working as a seamstress in Jeanette Fulbright's shop and also working part time for Jessie at the mercantile. Her next step is to find a place to live because Sabrina is used to being independent and refuses to take advantage of Jeanette's hospitality. Unfortunately the only apartment available is in a part of town that Sabrina is all too familiar with. Having a heart for the women in that profession Sabrina soon makes an impression on some of these women. She also has made a few enemies in the men. Sabrina never dreamed that with her background any man would ever want her as a wife. But with Christ's cleansing power and Pastor Rylan Jarvick's love, Sabrina's battered heart begins to heal and she learns that with Christ all things are made new.

Such a sweet story! Lori Wick's characters experience deep sin, yet they come out with a refreshing innocence and newness that only Christ can bring to someone's life. Yes, she does tend towards the preachy, but I like that about her books. They leave me knowing exactly what the Bible teaches on a subject, they don't leave me hanging and wondering, "How did this person get saved when there was no talk of the persons need for salvation?" Once again, a sweet romance blossoms between two unlikely characters. A pastor and a former prostitute! Wow! I like that the romance was slow and that it built rather than being thrust upon the reader out of the blue. I also enjoyed the setting of Token Creek, and am looking forward to reading Jessie's story next.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

His Steadfast Love by Julie Lessman

When her twin sister Shannon gets married, Cat decides it is time to move out on her own and get a taste of the world to help satisfy her wild-child nature. Cat is angry at God and set to distance herself from Him and from the family that loves her.

Associate Pastor Chase cares deeply for the O'Bryen family and hates to see Cat so hurt and lost. When the family asks him to befriend Cat he is more than willing to help this lost soul find her way back to the God who loves her more than anyone ever could. What Chase doesn't count on is the attraction that they both have for each other. But Chase has vowed to never care for another woman that doesn't share his deep faith and Cat is definitely off-limits in the romance department!

Will Chase be able to help Cat see that God really does love her and that the path that she is walking can only lead to heartache and pain?

OH MY GOODNESS! I love Cat's story! I'm a sucker for Prodigal stories anyway. I love to see how a wayward child of God finds their way back to the Savior. Cat's feelings of never adding up, and her bitterness towards her pastor father are totally believable and heart-breaking. As with all of Julie Lessman's stories, the passion between characters is oh so swoon-worthy! We get to see how Tess and Ben are doing in their newly-married life and my is Tess a firecracker! We also get to read a couple of steamy scenes with Shannon and Sam(get me a fan please! Whew!!). And WHOA, Chase and Cat? Oh my! Those two belong together, but not before Cat is reconciled with the Savior who never lets us go and continually shows His steadfast love even when His child walks away for a time. A perfect ending to the series and a perfect story of Christ bringing one of His own back into the fold. I loved it!

UPDATE: I read this the first time to help edit the book. I then purchased the final copy and reread it. I loved it all over again! I got thrills and chills just as much(and maybe more) than reading it through the first time! I love that this story renewed my hope for those of us who have a Prodigal in our lives. Yes, this is my favorite of this series! 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Cassidy by Lori Wick

I thought the romance in this one was a bit out of left field. I mean I liked Cassidy and Trace as a couple, but we had no warm up to their couple-ness. I guess it came upon the reader as it came upon Cassidy and Trace, by surprise! ha! Otherwise I really liked this story and Cassidy was a sweet girl who had wonderful morals. Especially when it came to not gossiping about other people. Trace was the perfect cowboy/rescuer/hero even though he was a bit slow and did things a bit backwards in the romance department. The author does tend to preach in her books, but always short "sermons" that lead the characters to make better choices in their lives and point them towards a more perfect relationship with the Savior. If you are looking for passionate kisses in this one don't count on it! Sweet pecks here and there and some longing looks, but that is as far as the physical goes. And just in case you are wondering, I love stories like this!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Disaster Status by Candace Calvert

This is the second time I have read this book and I have to say that I liked it better this go-round! Maybe because this time I have read the first book and the third book so I was familiar with the characters? Scott and Erin are quite the couple. Scott is running away from his responsibilities and Erin is holding resentments against a father who didn't live up to his responsibilities when she was younger. Of course the two of them butt heads from the beginning, but there is a definite attraction. The ER is hopping throughout the book and Scott and Erin cross paths quite a bit since Scott's nephew is a patient at the hospital. The ultimate disaster that pushes Scott and Erin to evaluate their lives has the potential to break them apart. If you enjoy an exciting Emergency Room setting then definitely check into The Mercy Hospital series.