Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Exposure by Brandilyn Collins

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Kaycee has followed in her mother's footsteps and has a fear that someone is always watching her. When she arrives home one day she is greeted by a camera flash. There is a camera on her dining room table and Kaycee has no idea how it got there. When Kaycee looks at it there is a picture of a dead man. Kaycee races to the police. When they arrive to check her house there is no camera and no evidence that anyone has gotten into her house. That evening Kaycee's friend's daughter disappears. Nobody knows where she could be. Between Hannah's disappearance and the constant feeling of being watched Kaycee begins to feel she is losing touch with reality. Will the police believe that Kaycee is being watched or will they chalk it up to her paranoia and fear?

This was such a great mystery/suspense! I loved the psychological thriller aspect of the whole story. The wrap-up was totally a surprise to me and totally genius! Brandilyn Collins definitely knows how to draw the reader into the characters nightmares and makes you feel their fears and frustrations. I'm definitely a fan of this authors and must read more of her books!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

If I Live by Terri Blackstock

Casey Cox is still on the run. When she found her friend murdered she knew she was being set up by the same people that staged her father's suicide. Now Casey is out to prove that she is innocent, but she has to stay alive long enough to do that.

Casey has convinced Dylan of her innocence. He was hired to track her down, now he is in the cross hairs of the people determined that Casey will never be able to testify against them.

One exciting scene after another leads to the thrilling conclusion of this series. I think this one was my favorite out of all three books. Casey still has a desire to help the downtrodden, which ends up helping her when she starts working for an ambulance chasing lawyer, but the main focus of the story is on Casey and not the secondary people she helps out. Casey's relationship with Dylan develops more and I enjoyed reading their growing attraction for each other and the way they protected each other. The suspense was nail-biting and kept me wanting to continue onto the next chapter and the next, all the way to the end. I also loved reading about Casey's development of faith. It is woven throughout the story with a clear salvation message. An excellent conclusion that I highly recommend. But first you need to read the first two books in the series:

If I Run
If I'm Found

Monday, March 5, 2018

Sweet Briar Rose by Lena Goldfinch

Sweet Briar Rose

A delightful historical western romance from the author of The Unexpected Bride.

Colorado 1880
Once upon a time, Rose was a barefoot dreamer, carving whimsical creatures from the driftwood she found on the beach. However, after the death of her father, Rose finds herself cut adrift. So she decides to answer an advertisement to become the bride of a blacksmith in Sweet Briar, Colorado, bravely leaving behind the coast of Maine and her beloved sandy beaches.

Living in the shadow of the Rockies, Emmett Southerland is a bit of a hopeless romantic—and always has been. He’s been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the dark-haired beauty in the photograph he keeps over his heart. However, once Rose arrives, he finds himself snowed in with her during the worst storm Colorado has seen in twenty-five years.

This sweet mail-order bride romance very loosely reimagines the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty, complete with a satisfying happily-ever-after. Sweet Briar Rose is a short novel of approximately 42,000 words.

Releases March 2018 from Indigo Road Publishing

About The Author

LENA GOLDFINCH is the Amazon-bestselling author of sweet historical western romance, inspirational romance, and books for teens. She's always been a sucker for a good old-
fashioned romance, whether it's a novel or short story, young adult or adult, fantasy or realistic, contemporary or historical. Lena has been a finalist in several national writing contests, including the RWA Golden Heart and ACFW Genesis contests.

My Review

I absolutely loved this story! Both Rose and Emmett are too sweet for words. I loved Emmett's romantic side. I loved how he was already in love with Rose and ready start their life when she arrived. Rose was sweet too, yet she had a mind of her own and wasn't afraid to follow her heart and be honest with herself and Emmett. I enjoyed how both Rose and Emmett were dreamers. And even though things didn't always go as they had dreamed, instead of letting that cripple them, they just dreamed more dreams! It was refreshing to read a story that even though the religious overtones were light it was written in a time where men honored women and strove to keep their relationship chaste until they were married. If you love short and sweet reads then this is definitely the story for you!

Just Because I Love The Cover!

*I received an e-copy for review purposes. I was not required to give a positive review. All opinions are my own*

Friday, March 2, 2018

The Restoration Series by Terri Blackstock

Okay, okay, I am definitely late to the party on this series! My mom gave me this series YEARS ago! And I have loaned it out to several people, but I had NEVER read it myself. Why? Why did I wait so long?! This was a fantastic series and I devoured it in less than 2 weeks! OH MY WORD!!! So good! If you have not read it and you like suspense then I suggest you hop on the band wagon as well and jump in, you won't regret it!


As Deni and her father are getting off an airplane the unthinkable happens. Planes start dropping out of the sky. Everything electronic stops. People have no idea what is happening. Cars are stalled in the middle of roads, cell phones no longer work. No electricity. Deni and her father Doug start making their way home from the airport hoping against hope that electricity is still on in their neighborhood. Unfortunately it isn't and after Doug and Deni's harrowing trip home it looks like things are only going to get worse. As criminals start coming out of the woodwork and people start an "every man for himself" mode, Doug must protect his family and still provide for them.

In a world that has gone chaotic Deni is sure clueless! A 22 year old self-centered, spoiled brat is more like it! Oh my goodness I wanted to smack the snot out of this character! She wore me out! Not only was she self-centered and put herself in danger, but she also put her family in danger. Ugh! All Deni can think about is her upcoming wedding and how the whole situation is an inconvenience to her and her plans. Everyone is in survival mode, but Deni, like so many others, is only worried about self. The action is non-stop and the drama made me weary, but I enjoyed every bit of this story and couldn't put it down.


Now that the Branning's and most of the family's in the area have a routine with the lights out Doug is focusing on spiritual matters. When a couple of children are caught in the Branning's home robbing them Jeff chases them down and finds that they have been abandoned by their mother. Even though Kay  knows they need every bit of food they can scrape together for her own family she insists on taking the children in until their family is found. With the government getting ready to issue limited funds to people the children are a hot commodity and once again crooks come out of the woordwork to try and line their own pockets.

Just when we think that Deni and Mark may be getting close Deni's fiance shows up to muddy the waters and Deni's feelings. She is once again lured in by the promise of how wonderful their life will be after the pulses stop. Again, I am frustrated at Deni's immaturity. I think I compare a 22 year old with myself at that age. At 22 I was a married woman with a child. So to me Deni's fit-pitching and indecision stink of immaturity and teenage behavior. But Doug and Kay brought this on themselves by overindulging their children. So what should I expect? Anyway, People are after the children in order to get the money that the government plans to give every individual. Thieves are still abounding and there is still the mentality of taking care of one's own. Another page-turner!


With Craig out of the picture Mark has been able to get closer to Deni. There is another killer on the loose and they are bent on framing Mark for the attempted murder. Mark is trying to be the provider for his family, he is trying to be the best example of Christ that he can be but it is hard when you are wrongly accused. It is even harder to convince people of your innocence when you are the son of a murderer and there is a vigilante group out to get you.

We see some maturity in Deni in this book. And a lot of spiritual content. I love that about Terri Blackstock's books! Forgiveness is the theme and it is tested and tried and our human struggles with it are covered perfectly. My frustration was with Mark this go-round! ha! He was very insecure. Of course he would be with how he was raised and by whom he was raised. It looks like the pulses are starting to die out so maybe restoration is on the way. But at what cost to humankind and at what cost to Mark and the Branning's?


The pulses have ended! And who shows up to stake his claim on Deni's heart? Craig! Ugh! That guy is like a bad penny that will never go away. I don't like him and I certainly don't trust his claim of becoming a believer. Thankfully neither do the Branning's, but they still put him up as he is the one that is heading up bringing electricity back to the community. And what is up with Beth? Of course we as the reader know what is going on, but her parents and people around her have no clue what has happened to the bright light that used to shine out of this young woman.

I sobbed people!!!! I haven't cried like that over a book since Jennifer died in the O'Malley series! And that is all I'm going to say about that! Excellent book. Lot's of maturing for all characters. Testing of faith, questioning faith, going through the fire, and coming out on the other side victorious. Heart-breaking BUT oh so wonderful!

There you have it y'all! Like I said, I finished this series in record time because I devoured them. I loved the spiritual struggles that each character went through and the maturing in faith that happened throughout the series. Excellent series and I'm so glad that I finally sat down and read them!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Lethal Licorice by Amanda Flower


Bailey King is participating in the Amish Confectionery Competition representing her grandparents candy shop. Who would have thought that the Amish could be so competitive? When Jethro, a pot-bellied pig, goes missing Bailey agrees to help his frantic owner find him. What she doesn't count on is finding a dead body! Especially when evidence starts pointing to Bailey as a possible murderer!

This is the second book in the Amish Candy Shop Mysteries. Amanda Flower doesn't disappoint in this installment! I love the humor that runs throughout the book and is a signature for the author's books. Even though the community is an Amish community there are still many disagreements and a lot of gossip that fly around. Bailey once again sticks her nose into Deputy Aiden Brody's investigation. I found her lurking around listening in on conversations a bit annoying, but how else is a girl supposed to solve a murder? I love the characters in this series and I hope that the next installment will forward Bailey and Aiden's relationship because they definitely need to be together! If you enjoy a cozy mystery then I highly recommend picking up one of Amanda Flower's series, they are well-thought out, filled with humor and always a surprise as to the "who-done-it".

There is a bonus recipe for black licorice at the end of the book. I'm going to try it!

Check out my review of the first book in the series:

Assaulted Caramel

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Cold Fury by Susan Sleeman

Six years ago heart-break caused Jackson and Maggie to agree to never see each other again. But when Maggie's life is in danger Jackson, who is now working for Blackwell Tactical, insists on taking lead in the case and protecting Maggie. With their past will Jackson be able to maintain a professional demeanor or will his feelings for Maggie deter him from doing the best job possible to keep her safe? Why is Maggie the target of someone's fury and how will she ever survive being this close to Jackson once again?

I absolutely love the Blackwell Tactical team! They care for each other as a family and they also want to see each team member excel at their expertise. They have each others' back whether it be in danger or in their relationships. Jackson and Maggie have a past, there is no doubt about that with the team. But what that past is, none of them know. I love the way that Alex, another team mate, always has something funny to say to Jackson to try and get him to confess his attraction for Maggie. He made me laugh and I hope that we get to see his story soon. Cold Fury was exciting and kept me on the edge of my seat. I couldn't put it down and stayed up way to late to finish it up. I raced through it and loved every minute of it! I'm very much looking forward to reading the next book in the series. If you are a suspense/romance fan like I am then you will definitely want to pick this series up, I guarantee you will not want to put them down until you finish every last exciting page!

*I received an e-copy from the author for review purposes. All opinions are my own*

Monday, February 12, 2018

Of Things To Come The Abi Hensley Series Book 3 by Miranda Atchley

This is the 3rd book in the Abi Hensley series and it takes place just after WWI. Abi is also saddened by the death of her friend Mrs. Wood. Depression sets in and Abi finds herself with writer's block that lasts for most of the first half of the story. Being pressured by her publisher and from fans and friends that are waiting for another book from her Abi tries a different genre of writing.

All of Abi's friends try to encourage her and help her out of her depression. One poor review sends Abi into a tailspin of doubts and disappointment. Will she be able to set her disappointment aside and get over the crippling writer's block or will Abi need to retire her typewriter and find another career?

It was fun to read about some of the fashion changes in OF THINGS TO COME. The clothing of the 20's and the changes for women's rights fit Abi's independence perfectly. As the reader I would have liked to have seen Abi more involved with the Women's Suffrage movement. There were mentions of Abi going to meetings, but not enough information of her involvement. It was fun getting to read Abi's interaction with old friends. Especially the ones at the boarding house she stayed at when she first arrived in New York. Abi's trip to one of her favorite characters hometown was fun. Abi's parents were a mixture of supportive and annoying! OF THINGS TO COME had it's sweet moments and it's frustrating ones as well. Getting glimpses of the changing times was fun, but Abi's continued writer's block and depression went on a bit too long. I love that Abi is a dreamer and goes after her dreams. I love that she has friends of all ages and that she is generous and kind to those she comes in contact with. I also love her strong character of not letting people(particularly men) walk over her. The ending was a bit abrupt, but definitely was a lead in to book 4.