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Guest Post by Serena Chase: Where's God in E'veria?

Thank-you to Serena Chase for being here today with her guest post on: Where's God in E'veria? Come back on June 3rd for my review of THE SEAHORSE LEGACY.

Where’s God in E’veria?

by Serena Chase

Perhaps no fantasy fiction is as filled with religious symbolism as that written from a Christian worldview. In most cases, the authors of such stories endeavor to create not only a world, but a belief system that applies to that fantastic world, but one which is also non-competitive with, or offensive to, the God of Christianity and the Bible. The Eyes of E’veria series was written from that worldview and I hope the symbolism therein aligns with the timeless truths of the Bible.

As an organic author, one who writes by the seat of my pants, I can honestly say that none of the metaphor or allegory that appears in the Eyes of E’veria books is planned in advance—at least not by me. Each day spent in the throes of a first draft, I sit down to write with only a vague idea of where my characters are going and how they’re going to get there. Like most “pantser” authors, sometimes I just stare at my unmoving hands on the keyboard, feeling the oppression of a lack of direction. Other days, inspiration flows from the strangest places, in some of the oddest ways or remembrances—and my fingers are shepherded toward something bigger than anything I had in mind, at a pace of flight.

When I was in high school I had a poster of “the names of Jesus” hanging in my bedroom. When I felt lonely, confused, or sad, I would sometimes look to that poster and my eyes would light upon a name or two that would speak comfort to what I was feeling. That poster didn’t survive the kazillion moves in the twenty-ish years between college and now, but the memory of it served as the inspiration for a scene in my debut novel, The Ryn.

In that scene, protagonist Rynnaia E’veri reads The Story of The First. While reading, she has a rather frightening supernatural encounter with E’veria’s First King, Loeftryn de Rynloeft—the Christ-figure-constant across the series—and better understands the myriad names by which her Creator King is known.

But just as Christians are called to be Jesus’s hands and feet in this realm, there are characters in the Eyes of E’veria books who are assigned that task, as well. In The Ryn (book 1) and The Remedy (book 2) belief is a fresh journey for Rynnaia, and even though she hears from E’veria’s Christ figure directly while reading The Story of The First, and later from the nearly-audible Voice that whispers and sings into her mind, we also see bits of God through the ministrations of others. Queen Daithia’s sacrifice, Sir Julien’s patient leadership, Lindsor’s righteous anger, Taef’s innocence, Jezmyn’s wisdom, Celine’s compassionate instruction, the comfort brought by the enikkas, and the mercy King Jarryn bestows on a traitor all give her a taste of the character of The First.

Rynnaia’s tale is completed at the end of The Remedy, but the Eyes of E’veria “series-within-a-series” begins a new two-book tale with familiar, but new-to-the-spotlight characters in The Seahorse Legacy. Unlike the path of discovery, faith, and growth in Rynnaia’s story, The Seahorse Legacy begins an adventure to be undertaken by two people whose knowledge of The First began in childhood. Both Erielle de Gladiel and Cazien de Pollis were brought up among believers and are, themselves, followers of Loeftryn de Rynloeft, also known as The First.

Erielle comes from a family of devout knights who can trace their ancestry back to the very prophet who foretold the adventures which came to pass in The Ryn and The Remedy. Cazien is a divinely commissioned pirate—which seems like an oxymoron, but you’ll have to read the book to understand how it is not! But just because Cazien and Erielle are believers does not mean they are always obedient—and just as disobedience, stubbornness, and spiritual laziness get reality-based Christians into trouble, so does it cause trouble for Erielle and Cazien.

So if you ask, “Where’s God in E’veria?” I would hope His fingerprints appear on each story from beginning to end, but that you can’t always see them on the surface, you can only feel them brush against your heart. I’m more surprised than anyone when God shows up and inserts himself into the story—sometimes even to the point of tears, because those are the moments I feel so close to knowing my Creator as the Author of My Story, among all his other wonderful names.

About The Author:

Serena Chase lives in Iowa with her husband, two teen daughters, and one very spoiled
(but really adorable) dog, Albus. A frequent contributor to USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog, she also writes for Edgy Inspirational Romance. Serena has served as a youth leader for high school students at her church, coaches her local high school’s Color Guard, and drinks entirely too much coffee between these and her daughters’ activities. You can find Serena on Facebook, Twitter @Serena_Chase, and Pinterest.  Visit her website



I've shared with Serena one of the scenes where I saw God show up. If you have read the book was there a scene that God spoke to you? 

Thanks so much Serena for your guest post today! I'm looking forward to the next installment of The Eyes of E'veria!



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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Moms' Night Out by Tricia Goyer: Movie/Book Review

I did something I normally don't do-I went and saw the movie before I read the book! I don't think it mattered much anyway because I believe Author Tricia Goyer was hired to write the novelization of the movie so they are pretty much the same.

If you haven't seen the movie then you must do so! It is hysterical what these mom's go through on their one night to be away from their families.

Exhausted mom Allyson plans a mom's night out for herself and 2 other exhausted mom's. They are going to enjoy a nice quiet evening at a fancy restaurant without the demands of children sucking the energy out of them. What happens though is a roller coaster ride of one mishap after another! From a stolen van, a lost baby, a tattoo parlor and a trip to jail, these mom's have the night of their lives...just not the one they had planned! And the father's that stayed home with the children are having their share of excitement as well. Their mishaps are just as comical as the ladies.

My daughter has 3 children and she said while watching the movie she and her husband kept poking each other saying how much the feelings and antics portrayed in the movie resembled their household. In both the movie and the book Allyson receives some wise advice from an unlikely source. Rough biker dude Bones reminds her of her value in God's eyes when she sees herself as a failure. I thought it was one of the best parts of the movie..and the book.

So whether you read the book or see the movie I guarantee that if you are a mom you will be poking your neighbor with some scene that you can relate to. I enjoyed both the book and the movie as sometimes it helps me to remember things by reading and viewing.

Thanks to B&H Publishers through NetGalley for my copy of the book for review.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Undetected by Dee Henderson

ABOUT THE BOOK(in my own words):
Mark Bishop is a Commander on a nuclear submarine. Feeling that it is time to re-marry after the passing of his wife, Mark is ready to jump back into the dating world to find a wife.

Wounded from a recent break-up Gina Gray decides to visit her brother Jeff while he is out to sea. "Gina the Genius" as he so fondly calls her is brilliant and has recently discovered a way for submarines to "ping" without being heard by enemy subs. Gina too wants to get married and once her brother returns asks him to introduce her to some of his friends. 

Jeff would like Mark to date Gina, but Mark decides that she is too young for him only to turn around and regret that decision the more he works with Gina on the sub ping project and the more he gets to know her. Can he win her heart before it is won by another man?


This is one of those books that I am having a hard time figuring out my thoughts on. Can I say it grew on me as I read? I liked the characters. I think they were well developed. I was hoping that Mark would win Gina's heart since I am kind of partial to older men(my husband is 8 years older than I am). I liked the way he was with Gina, but I found that sometimes he sounded a bit too desperate. I am not a fan of the love triangle so that part of the story kind of irritated and I thought it was resolved a little too quickly. I also thought that the two men vying for Gina's heart were a little too accommodating to each other. But you can read the book and see what you think ;) I found that the book drug in places and I was also waiting for something exciting to happen. That excitement came in at about 90% into the book and was short-lived. The rest of the time I felt like I was sitting in a class on submarines and sonar and solar blasts and had no clue what was being said. BUT YET...I continued on with the story and found myself entertained for a while. If you are interested in submarines and technical jargon with a little bit of romance woven through then this book may hold your interest.

Thanks to the publisher Bethany House through NetGalley for my copy for review. I also purchased a copy through Amazon. All opinions are my own.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Silenced by Dani Pettrey: Blog Tour and Giveaway Information

Get your copy of SILENCED by Author Dani Pettrey!

About The Book:

A relaxing day of rock climbing takes a disturbing turn when Kayden McKenna’s route leads her to a face-to-face encounter with a dead climber. Is it a terrible accident or something sinister? When the case is handed to the overburdened sheriff, he turns to Jake Westin. With Jake’s past now revealed, he’s ready to use his talent for investigation again-–but he could never prepare for where the case will take him.

Kayden and Jake soon realize that the death was no accident. And worse, it seems the killer is on to them. When strange things begin happening in Yancey, Jake is terrified that once again his world may put someone he loves in danger.

But the truth is far worse than either of them imagine.

About The Author:

Dani Pettrey is a wife, home-schooling mom, and the acclaimed author of the romantic suspense series Alaskan Courage, which includes her bestselling novels Submerged, Shattered, Stranded, and her latest Silenced. She feels blessed to write inspirational romantic suspense because it incorporates so many things she loves–the thrill of adventure, nail biting suspense, the deepening of her characters’ faith, and plenty of romance. She and her husband reside in Maryland, where they enjoy time with their daughters, son-in-law, and super adorable grandson.

Sample Chapter:

Can be found at

To Purchase:


I've been excitedly waiting for Kayden and Jake's story! I was not disappointed at all! I absolutely enjoyed this book. Filled with touching romance and lots of suspense SILENCED kept me glued to the pages late into the evening.

When Kayden discovers a dead body on one of her climbs Jake is immediately deputized and working the case. Threats and red-herrings abound keeping Kayden and Jake questioning many suspects.

Kayden was prickly as ever, but since finding out who Jake really is there has been a thawing going on. She still wants to hold people at arms length determined not to be hurt. Her desire to be so independent gave me several moments of frustration, but that only added to the tension of the story.

Jake's past is catching up with him, but he is determined to settle it. He begins to hope that Kayden will eventually return the feelings that Jake has for her, but those feelings put everyone they both love in danger.

I'm now going to excitedly wait for the next McKenna story! We got to see a bit of Reef in this story and I think we even got to meet his love interest. I think the sparks are going to be flying in that one!

Here are my reviews of the other books in the Alaskan Courage series:


Enter the RUGGED ROMANCE Sweepstakes from Author Dani Pettrey

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Prize Information and How To Enter:

Go to and complete the entry box, anytime between May 1 and May 21.

More from Julie:

If you have never read any of Dani Pettrey's books and you enjoy romance and suspense then I highly recommend this series to you! It has fast become one of my favorite series! Happy Reading and go enter the contest because the prizes look FANTASTIC!!

Thanks to the publisher Bethany House through NetGalley for my copy for review. I also purchased a copy through Amazon.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Rise & Shine by Sandra D. Bricker

Shannon Ridgeway wakes up from a 10 year coma from a diving accident that she was in on her honeymoon. The first person she sees is Dr. Daniel Petros. In the 10 years that Shannon has been asleep a lot of things have happened in the world, one being her faithful husband Edmund dying just two years before she wakes.  Shannon struggles to catch up with all of the changes and the "new" Shannon that seems to have emerged from her years long coma.

There is just something about a fairy tale kind of story that does my heart good! Rise & Shine had all of the sweet elements of a "Happily Ever After" story that I love. There was of course the Sleeping Beauty Shannon, who I found quite entertaining and spunky. There was the Prince Charming in Daniel her faithful doctor, and of course it isn't a complete fairy tale without the wicked someone out to do the heroine harm. Rise & Shine was a sweet, satisfying and entertaining read that I recommend to anyone who enjoys a modern-day fairy tale.

Thanks to Moody Publishers for my copy through NetGalley. All opinions expressed are my own.