Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Undetected by Dee Henderson

ABOUT THE BOOK(in my own words):
Mark Bishop is a Commander on a nuclear submarine. Feeling that it is time to re-marry after the passing of his wife, Mark is ready to jump back into the dating world to find a wife.

Wounded from a recent break-up Gina Gray decides to visit her brother Jeff while he is out to sea. "Gina the Genius" as he so fondly calls her is brilliant and has recently discovered a way for submarines to "ping" without being heard by enemy subs. Gina too wants to get married and once her brother returns asks him to introduce her to some of his friends. 

Jeff would like Mark to date Gina, but Mark decides that she is too young for him only to turn around and regret that decision the more he works with Gina on the sub ping project and the more he gets to know her. Can he win her heart before it is won by another man?


This is one of those books that I am having a hard time figuring out my thoughts on. Can I say it grew on me as I read? I liked the characters. I think they were well developed. I was hoping that Mark would win Gina's heart since I am kind of partial to older men(my husband is 8 years older than I am). I liked the way he was with Gina, but I found that sometimes he sounded a bit too desperate. I am not a fan of the love triangle so that part of the story kind of irritated and I thought it was resolved a little too quickly. I also thought that the two men vying for Gina's heart were a little too accommodating to each other. But you can read the book and see what you think ;) I found that the book drug in places and I was also waiting for something exciting to happen. That excitement came in at about 90% into the book and was short-lived. The rest of the time I felt like I was sitting in a class on submarines and sonar and solar blasts and had no clue what was being said. BUT YET...I continued on with the story and found myself entertained for a while. If you are interested in submarines and technical jargon with a little bit of romance woven through then this book may hold your interest.

Thanks to the publisher Bethany House through NetGalley for my copy for review. I also purchased a copy through Amazon. All opinions are my own.

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