Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sixty Acres and a Bride by Regina Jennings

Young and widowed Rosa Garner travels with her mother-in-law from Mexico to Texas to reclaim the family homestead. Owing back taxes, Rosa has no idea how they will raise enough money to keep the farm. Rosa works night and day to try and keep a roof over their heads.

Widower Weston Garner has kept to himself for several years. Knowing that he had a hand in his wife's unhappiness he is determined to remain a bachelor. Weston also feels a sense of duty to family and will help them in any way possible.

As a last ditch effort to save the homestead Rosa's mother-in-law explains the story of Ruth and Boaz from the Bible to Rosa. She asks Rosa to approach Weston in the same way, neglecting to tell Rosa the ending of the story.

When Rosa and Weston are forced to marry to save their reputation it becomes a marriage of convenience. Neither one is willing to give their heart to the other. Will they both be able to forget their pasts and build a new life together or will they be destined to live together as friends with no future?

 While I enjoyed the story it was rather predictable in parts. I enjoyed Rosa's fiery spirit. The romance shared by Rosa and Weston was what kept me turning the pages even when I knew what was coming.

 I'm counting this book towards my Why Buy The Cow reading challenge. I got this book free from Amazon. I don't think it is listed for free any longer. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Weekend Report

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I got this for free on my Kindle. Hoping to get into it more this weekend.


 An ARC copy of the sequel to Unwind. Thanks to my friend Karin for sharing this with me!!

Loved stepping back into the setting of The River of Time series!

Enjoyed this new book from Lisa Bergren and looking forward to seeing where the characters go from here.


 I got this from NetGalley and am looking forward to reading it.

I got both of these from NetGalley and am looking forward to reading both. I've seen lots of great reviews of Gone to Ground.

Things might be slowing down around here as I am starting to work on Christmas projects. I have to start early to get things done! How was your week in reading? Read anything good?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tributary by Lisa T. Bergren

Review to come soon, but I just couldn't pass up saying how much I love this series! Tributary features Lia, Luca and Lord Greco mostly. It is filled with epic battles and some pretty sigh worthy romance scenes and hunky knights. Again I have not been disappointed in a single installment of the series.

Thanks to Lisa Bergren for sending me an advanced copy to proof-read and review! I'll post a full review when she gives me permission to do so!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Unwholly by Neal Shusterman

Unwholly is the sequel to Unwind. It has been a long time waiting for this sequel. It did not disappoint!

Unwinding is still taking place. Children between the ages of 13-17 can be unwound if their parents sign the paperwork. The age used to be to 18, but has now changed to 17 which has caused a shortage of available parts. This has given rise to black market pirates.

Characters from Unwind are also in Unwholly. Connor, Risa and Lev are still fighting the battle for the right to live. Each one has a different battle that puts them in constant peril.

There are also new characters in Unwholly. One a horrifying creation that has taken unwinding to a whole new level.

I was not disappointed in the excitement of the story. The introduction of new characters kept the story from becoming stale. I'm looking forward to the last book in the trilogy and can only hope that it doesn't take another 4 years to come out.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Weekend Report

Hosted by Melanie at Christian Bookshelf Reviews, Weekend Report is where we wrap up our week in reading.


 The sequel to Unwind by Neal Shusterman. It is good, I'm just having a hard time sitting down to read it. I'm about halfway through. I'm getting side-tracked by other things and that's a shame because really so far it is an un-side-tracked kind of other words, if I weren't so busy this book would have already been finished.


 I can't believe I only finished one book this week! It is really sad!


 I had downloaded this book to my Kindle from NetGalley before I realized that it was a book that I had signed up for a blog tour in June. It arrived in paperback this week and I am so excited! I love Lisa's River of Time series and can't wait to start this one. NOTHING is going to come next before this book! At the rate I am going it is going to take me 2 weeks to read it! ACK!

So that has been my unproductive reading week. How was your reading week?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Black Dawn by Rachel Caine

The draug have come to Morganville!

For the desert town of Morganville the recent torrential rains have brought the Vampires worst enemy to town. For the Vampires the draug have set up pools to feed on them. The draug prefer to feed on vampires, but they can make do with humans also.

As always Michael, Eve, Shane and Claire are all right in the middle of the action. Claire is helping Myrnin find something that will kill off the draug. They must find something because the main draug is after Claire. She is the only one that can see his form clearly. She is a threat to Magnus and he is determined to kill her once again.

While Amalie lays dying, the fight to take over her rule of Morganville is being played out. Oliver has set himself up to take care of Amalie, but make no mistake, he knows that when Amalie dies he will take her place as the ruler of the town. But Amalie's sister Naomi has a different thought. She too wants control, and neither one of them plan on extending the humans as many rights as Amalie has. Morganville is about to change.

Wow! I don't know how Rachel Caine does it, but each new installment of The Morganville Vampire series leaves me wanting the next one! The tension of fighting The draug, the humor between Claire and her friends, and the romance between Michael and Eve, and Claire and Shane keep the reader busy turning the pages. I would think, "I'll stop reading at the end of this chapter" and at the end of the chapter I would have to continue reading to find out what happened next. Speaking of romance! Oh my goodness! Michael and Eve are having some issues, but they always seem to have issues. And who wouldn't have issues if your fiance just tried to kill you in a wild feeding frenzy? Claire and Shane need each other! I'm not talking sexually, although there is a little bit of that(nothing graphic thank goodness), they need each other emotionally. It's like they survive for each other. The next book in the series, Bitter Blood, comes out in November and I can't wait. Black Dawn ended with so many loose ends needing to be tied up. What is to become of Morganville and it's inhabitants now?

Friday, May 11, 2012

Weekend Report

Hosted by Melanie at Christian Bookshelf Reviews. Wrap up your week in reading.


Just starting this so don't know how I'll like it yet. I'm a fan of the series though so I'm sure it will be great!


 Yup, I read all 4 of these! I only have 2 more books to read to fulfill my Contentment Reading Challenge!


  I actually started this today on my Kindle. I was waiting for tires to be put on my husband's car so just picked a book on the Kindle to read. Not that far into it yet so don't know how I will like it. But this will be on my Why Buy The Cow challenge since I got it for free from Amazon.

 I downloaded this from NetGalley and need to start reading it. It is the second book in the Justice Seekers series.

How 'bout you? What have you read this week?

Donovan's Daughter by Lori Wick

Marcail is now 19 years old and headed to Willits for her first teaching job. Her father helped her pick the right job. Willits has a strict dress code, Marcail must wear her hair up and only wear dark dresses and conduct herself in a manner that is above reproach.

Upon arrival in Willits Marcail is told that she must also interview with Cordelia Duckworth. Mrs. Duckworth owns the majority of the town and makes sure everyone knows it. It is her rule that Marcail wear her hair up and wear the dark dresses. Mrs. Duckworths grandson Sydney will be in Marcail's class if Mrs. Duckworth deems Marcail worthy enough to be his teacher. Where Mrs. Duckworth is concerned her grandson can do no wrong. Marcail finds that she is the 9th teacher to be hired in just 3 years.

Alexander Montgomery is the town doctor. He has been a widower for 4 years and town gossip has it that he is still mourning his wife. In reality he has now found a woman that shares his faith. The town pastor gets his sermons from Mrs. Duckworth so the townfolks have not been taught from the Word of God. Alex admires Marcail's faith, but is disheartened when Marcail seems to be so nervous around him. Marcail still associates her mother's death with the arrival of the doctor who diagnosed her. She knows it is an unreasonable fear, but she can't seem to help herself.

When Marcail is caught out in a snowstorm Alex rescues her. She is forced to spend the night in his home because of the weather. They both know that nothing happened between them, but Cordelia Duckworth manages to get the townfolks to keep their children away from school because of the unseemly behavior of the new schoolteacher. When Alex proposes marriage Marcail sees that there is no way around it. If she wants to continue to teach the children of Willits she must marry Alex to save her reputation.

Marcails father is saddened that this is the second of his children to enter into a marriage that was not founded on love. His prayer is that Marcail and Alex will learn to love each other just as Sean and Charlotte did.

This is the end of the Californian series and just as well-written as the rest of the series. I think what I like most about Lori Wicks writing in this series is that the characters faith is not left to assumption. There is a clear salvation message in each story. Her characters struggle with bad attitudes and wrong choices, but throughout they are shown that we have a merciful Savior waiting to open His arms in forgiveness when we call on His name. Marcail's story is so sweet. It isn't easy for Marcail and Alex to be married. Marcail is independent and allows pride and fear get in the way of opening her heart to Alex. Such a sweet love story! I always want more when I turn the last page of this series.

I'm adding this to my Contentment Reading Challenge:

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sean Donovan by Lori Wick

At 17 Sean Donovan has finally worked up the courage to leave Santa Rosa. Bitter and angry at his father's continued absence, Sean is determined to set out on his own, leaving his family and his God behind.

For 2 years Sean finds odd jobs to earn money. He keeps moving in order to keep himself from thinking of his sisters Kaitlin and Marcail. When Sean meets up with Hartley he starts living a life of luxury that he decides he could get used to. But that doesn't last for long before Hartley springs his real job on Sean. Hartley is a bank robber and it is time to get back to "work".

When Hartley and Sean are robbing the bank in Visalia Sean is caught and sentenced to hang. Finally repenting of his rebellion Sean is prepared to enter into his Heavenly Fathers arms. Feeling the noose around his neck he is unprepared when the judge reads an old law stating that if a woman of good standing in the community offers to marry the outlaw he can go free. Charlotte(Charlie to the community) steps forward and offers to marry Sean.

Charlie is the owner of the local livery and is in need of a blacksmith for the business. With Sean's size he is the perfect candidate for the job. What Charlie can't figure out is how someone as gentle as Sean could have turned into a bank robber. As they become better acquainted Sean is determined to show his wife the love of Jesus Christ.

I love Sean's story. It shows how the Holy Spirit always leads His children back to God. Sean's situation is so heart-breaking, yet when he is broken the Lord lifts him up and gives him a renewed purpose in life. How tender Sean is with Charlie is so sweet. Charlie is so spunky and yet also vulnerable, and very loveable. The confrontation between Sean and his father is a great lesson in forgiveness and being responsible for our own actions. Once again a great story!

I'm adding this to my list of books read for the Contentment Reading Challenge:

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

As Time Goes By by Lori Wick

Five years ago Bobbie had left Santa Rosa in humiliation and embarrassment. Jeff Taylor has always felt guilty for his part in causing Bobbie to stay away for so long. Now Bobbie is returning to work in the Taylor's shipping office.

Both Bobbie and Jeff have grown up in the five years since the incident at the lagoon. Both feel a little awkward when Bobbie first starts to work for the Taylor's, but they soon become great friends.

Jeff is once again dating Sylvia, but confused by how angry she is all of the time. Bobbie is contemplating engagement to Cleve, but it would be a marriage of convenience rather than a marriage of love. Both Jeff and Bobbie's mother Maryanne worry that Bobbie is settling for Cleve because she doesn't believe anyone will ever love her.

When Cleve shows up in Santa Rosa it doesn't take him long to realize that he shouldn't have stayed away from Bobbie for so long. Cleve and family and friends around Bobbie and Jeff all wonder how long it will take before they both realize that they love each other.

Rigg and Kaitlin are expecting their first baby. Sean is rebelling because of the continued absence of his father who has put off returning to the States indefinitely. Sean's behavior has forced Kate and Rigg to practice some tough love and make Sean more accountable for his behavior. Where will Sean's rebellion lead him and how heart-broken will he leave Kate and Marcail? Find out in the next installment of The Californian series Sean Donovan.

Bobbie and Jeff's story is so sweet. I love the way that love blossoms between them so slowly. I like how they become friends before they ever realize that they love each other. And as always the message of Salvation is quite clear and another theme that comes through in this series is forgiveness.

I'm counting this book in my Contentment Reading Challenge:

Monday, May 7, 2012

Whatever Tomorrow Brings by Lori Wick

Kaitlin's parents are missionaries in Hawaii. Kaitlin, Sean and Marcail have never been off of the island. For Kaitlin's 20th birthday her parents surprise her with tickets for the whole family to go home to San Francisco, California.

Once they arrive at their Aunt Maureen's in San Francisco the Donovan children find that this is not just a vacation trip. Their mom is very ill and needs to see a doctor. When events happen that have their father returning to Hawaii and leaving Kaitlin, Sean and Marcail stateside they are bereft, but they know they can trust in God whatever tomorrow brings.

Not counting on the advances that their cousin makes towards Kaitlin the Donovan's decided to pack up and head to Santa Rosa where Kate applies for a teaching job. There they meet the Taylor family and their son Marshall Riggs who owns the mercantile. The family takes the Donovan's under their wings and soon a romance blooms between Rigg and Kaitlin. Expecting their father to return any time the Donovan children are upset when he puts off returning any time soon. Kaitlin is feeling the strain of being 20 years old and being responsible for her siblings. Sean is becoming angry and finding it hard to hide his feelings. Will their life be in turmoil until their father returns?

This is the first book in the Californian series which is one of my favorite series. It is a wonderful romance that I enjoy reading over and over again. It never gets old for me. The spiritual aspect of the book is another favorite of mine. It isn't left to be assumed that the characters are Christian. Salvation is clearly mapped out. Faith is real in the characters lives.

I read this as part of my Contentment Reading Challenge:  

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Ultimate Guys' Body Book by Dr. Walt Larimore


Award-Winning Family Physician "Dr. Walt" Answers Tough Questions Guys Want to Know, But Don't Want to Ask.

Written especially for ages nine through twelve, award-winning family physician, Dr. Walt Larimore, offers inspirational anecdotes to help boys tackle the strange and unfamiliar areas of puberty. Topics covered in the book include:

What's happening to my body?
I've got BO-What's a guy to do?
My acne is scary! What's wrong with my face?
Diamond vs. Sterling, are body piercings bad?
My breasts are growing! What's wrong with me?

In this highly-anticipated new book, Dr. Larimore also writes with a Christian perspective, encouraging boys to consider their changing bodies as unique creations and what it means to be a "real man of God."

As seen on, and "Focus on the Family's Health," Dr. Larimore is highly relatable to boys and their parents, giving great advice and information while providing communication starters to help parents connect with their sons.

As Dr. Larimore writes in the book, "THE ULTIMATE GUY'S BODY BOOK is designed to assist you in one of the most imporant and difficult jobs you'll ever have-raising and nurturing a young man to become physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually healthy."


Walt Larimore, MD, is one of America's best-known family physicians and has been listed in the Guide to America's Top Family Doctors and the Best Doctors in America. He has been a family physician for nearly thirty years, written or cowritten over twenty books (including a Silver Medallion award winnter and three God Medallion nominees), and has hosted nationally syndicated health features for radio and TV, including "Focus on the Family's Health." Dr. Larimore has appeared in interviews for national news programs such as FOX News's Health Network, CNN and "The Today Show," and notable publications like the Washington Times, Boston Globe and the New York Times. He and his wife have two grown children and live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


I think this is a great book for adolescent pre-teen and teen boys. Each subject is covered factually, honestly, and to the point. At the end of each chapter the author gives biblical verses pertaining to the subject discussed. In each chapter the author assures the guy that what they are experiencing in their body is normal and that each guy is created specially by God and growing at the pace that God has for him. The author not only deals with guys going through puberty but he also touches on body piercings, tattoo's, and alcohol use. He explains the dangers of each. I also liked at the end of each chapter the author gave a fun trivial fact about real life people. I think that the author has written a book that a boy can read either on his own or use to go through with his father or a trusted adult.

Thanks to Zondervan for my copy.