Tuesday, May 8, 2012

As Time Goes By by Lori Wick

Five years ago Bobbie had left Santa Rosa in humiliation and embarrassment. Jeff Taylor has always felt guilty for his part in causing Bobbie to stay away for so long. Now Bobbie is returning to work in the Taylor's shipping office.

Both Bobbie and Jeff have grown up in the five years since the incident at the lagoon. Both feel a little awkward when Bobbie first starts to work for the Taylor's, but they soon become great friends.

Jeff is once again dating Sylvia, but confused by how angry she is all of the time. Bobbie is contemplating engagement to Cleve, but it would be a marriage of convenience rather than a marriage of love. Both Jeff and Bobbie's mother Maryanne worry that Bobbie is settling for Cleve because she doesn't believe anyone will ever love her.

When Cleve shows up in Santa Rosa it doesn't take him long to realize that he shouldn't have stayed away from Bobbie for so long. Cleve and family and friends around Bobbie and Jeff all wonder how long it will take before they both realize that they love each other.

Rigg and Kaitlin are expecting their first baby. Sean is rebelling because of the continued absence of his father who has put off returning to the States indefinitely. Sean's behavior has forced Kate and Rigg to practice some tough love and make Sean more accountable for his behavior. Where will Sean's rebellion lead him and how heart-broken will he leave Kate and Marcail? Find out in the next installment of The Californian series Sean Donovan.

Bobbie and Jeff's story is so sweet. I love the way that love blossoms between them so slowly. I like how they become friends before they ever realize that they love each other. And as always the message of Salvation is quite clear and another theme that comes through in this series is forgiveness.

I'm counting this book in my Contentment Reading Challenge:

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