Friday, May 11, 2012

Donovan's Daughter by Lori Wick

Marcail is now 19 years old and headed to Willits for her first teaching job. Her father helped her pick the right job. Willits has a strict dress code, Marcail must wear her hair up and only wear dark dresses and conduct herself in a manner that is above reproach.

Upon arrival in Willits Marcail is told that she must also interview with Cordelia Duckworth. Mrs. Duckworth owns the majority of the town and makes sure everyone knows it. It is her rule that Marcail wear her hair up and wear the dark dresses. Mrs. Duckworths grandson Sydney will be in Marcail's class if Mrs. Duckworth deems Marcail worthy enough to be his teacher. Where Mrs. Duckworth is concerned her grandson can do no wrong. Marcail finds that she is the 9th teacher to be hired in just 3 years.

Alexander Montgomery is the town doctor. He has been a widower for 4 years and town gossip has it that he is still mourning his wife. In reality he has now found a woman that shares his faith. The town pastor gets his sermons from Mrs. Duckworth so the townfolks have not been taught from the Word of God. Alex admires Marcail's faith, but is disheartened when Marcail seems to be so nervous around him. Marcail still associates her mother's death with the arrival of the doctor who diagnosed her. She knows it is an unreasonable fear, but she can't seem to help herself.

When Marcail is caught out in a snowstorm Alex rescues her. She is forced to spend the night in his home because of the weather. They both know that nothing happened between them, but Cordelia Duckworth manages to get the townfolks to keep their children away from school because of the unseemly behavior of the new schoolteacher. When Alex proposes marriage Marcail sees that there is no way around it. If she wants to continue to teach the children of Willits she must marry Alex to save her reputation.

Marcails father is saddened that this is the second of his children to enter into a marriage that was not founded on love. His prayer is that Marcail and Alex will learn to love each other just as Sean and Charlotte did.

This is the end of the Californian series and just as well-written as the rest of the series. I think what I like most about Lori Wicks writing in this series is that the characters faith is not left to assumption. There is a clear salvation message in each story. Her characters struggle with bad attitudes and wrong choices, but throughout they are shown that we have a merciful Savior waiting to open His arms in forgiveness when we call on His name. Marcail's story is so sweet. It isn't easy for Marcail and Alex to be married. Marcail is independent and allows pride and fear get in the way of opening her heart to Alex. Such a sweet love story! I always want more when I turn the last page of this series.

I'm adding this to my Contentment Reading Challenge:

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