Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Beautiful Daughter: What it Means to be Loved by God by Tasha K. Douglas

From the Publisher:  

Sometimes you need a Father's Hug.

Tasha Douglas offers an inspirational message of hope and love for girls in a powerful new FaithGirlz book, MY BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER: What It Means to Be Loved by God(Zonderkidz; $8.99; April 2012).

Tasha Douglas, author of the acclaimed Sistershout! shares a special message with tween girls who yearn for the gentle embrace of a father. As the number of children growing up without fathers continues to increase, this book teaches girls that whether or not they have a father who lives with them, they can always count on their heavenly Father.

Having grown up without her father, Douglas remembers feelings of rejection and low self-worth as a child. Not until she was married did she realize, through her husband's relationships with their daughters, the beauty and strength of the father-daughter bond.

"I secretly wished that I could bottle up their experiences and give them to every fatherless girl in the world," Douglas reflects.

That's why she's made it her mission to remind young girls that Father God will always be there to give them unconditional adoration, support, guidance, and affection, who will help them pave their way through life. With journal prompts, prayer, praise, and scripture, MY BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER will show girls a Father who wants to know them and can help them realize how special they are.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tasha Douglas is the author of Sistershout! And she firmly believes in the transformative power of stories. She lives in Texas with her husband and four children.


Using different scenario's in the life of a young girl named Briana, Tasha Douglas uses these stories to help young girls see their worth in God's eyes. The book was just "okay" for me in that I had a hard time with the author stating that Jesus Christ was like our older brother. I understand her reasoning in that God is Christ's father and we are all God's children so therefore Christ would be like a brother. It just seemed that it demoted Christ's holiness to that of a brother to me.  I also found that the book got a bit wordy. What I mean is that I don't think that it would keep a young girls attention for very long, it got preachy and rambling in parts. What I liked about the book was that each chapter had a space for reflection with a prompt that would help a young girl apply what was learned in the chapter. Also I liked the prompts for praise and prayer at the end of each section. My recommendation for this book would be that as a parent go through it together with your daughter that way you can discuss it. Marketed as juvenile fiction, I would go more along the lines of non-fiction/devotional

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