Sunday, April 1, 2012

30 Day Challenge-April 2


My blog used to be called My Only Vice. BUT a while back an adult fetish company contacted me stating that their name was My Only Vice, they had been in business for years, they were going to start advertising on the web, because I have strong Christian views would I consider changing my blog name in order to not confuse the two. Of course I had to change my name; I would never want my readers, or someone else for that matter, to confuse me with the sex industry in any way shape or form. Choosing a name is so hard! To get My Only Vice I was brainstorming with a friend. I said, “reading is my only vice” and so that is how that name was born. When I changed it I wanted to find something that said the same thing. So I brainstormed once again with a friend. I had already named my crochet blog My Other Pastime so it was kind of simple to choose the name of my reading blog to be My Favorite Pastime. Because reading truly is My Favorite Pastime!

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