Friday, April 27, 2012

30 Day Challenge-Day 27

Today's challenge was to tell why we are doing this challenge. My answer: because it seemed fun! ha! So today on top of my wonderful answer I'm also adding What do I do when I'm not reading.

My answer is:

I cook. I bake, I try new recipe's. These are creamy chicken enchilada's from the new Pioneer Woman cookbook that I got. Honestly I like the old Pioneer Woman cookbook better. I've tried a few in the new and they have been okay, but not as fantastic as the first. These were okay, but I have a better recipe for chicken enchilada's that I will use in the future. Anyway, that is one thing I do when I'm not reading. I also:

CROCHET! This is an afghan I made for a friend of my daughter. I like to try new patterns in crochet. For Christmas a friend had sent me a picture of someone wearing a beard hat so I went online and found a pattern. Here's the result:

Here's my nephew with the one I made for him. I made my dad one and a friend and her husband one. They all love them. haha!

So these activities are usually what I am doing when I am not reading or blogging.

What are your favorite things to do when you aren't reading?

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