Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Eyes of Justice by Lis Wiehl

The Triple Threat Club consists of Allison who is a federal prosecutor, Nicole an FBI Special Agent and Cassidy a Channel four crime reporter. They all went to school together but didn't become friends until their 10 year reunion where they found that they were all in similar fields of work. They came up with The Triple Threat Club when they got together for dinner and decided to split the most decadent dessert on the menu, a Triple Threat Chocolate cake.

In this installment of The Triple Threat Club series one of these women is murdered and the other two are left to figure out who did it and why. Being thwarted at every turn they put their jobs on the line to find the killer. A new member is added to the group, Ophelia is a private investigator. Ophelia does well with her cats, but she has a hard time being around people. The first time she meets with the women the idea of sharing a dessert makes her wince with the idea of spreading germs.

Believing that the murder may be an inside job the women do not know whom they can trust. When their lives are also threatened will they be able to find the killer before another one of The Triple Threat Club is murdered?

Did you see that?! One of the main characters in the book is MURDERED! How can you kill off one of the main characters?! I was very shocked when I read that one of the women dies in this book. It kind of set me off for the whole book, I was sad and a little disappointed that the group dynamics now have to change. While Ophelia brings a new kind of quirky to the group I'm going to miss__________!

A thought that a commenter left on this post was that readers will probably want to read other books in the series first before diving into this one. If you start at the beginning then you develop an appreciation for the characters throughout. Here are the books in order linked to my reviews:

1. Face of Betrayal
2. Hand of Fate
3. Heart of Ice
4. Eyes of Justice


  1. Excellent review. I really enjoyed this book--after I recovered a bit from the shock of having one of the Triple Threat gals murdered! I agree, I sort of had to mourn that as I read the book! The loss of one of the main characters early in the book is much more shocking if you have read the previous books in the series. So I recommend your readers read at least one--Heart of Ice was a great one.
    This book is a great blend of mystery, suspense and chick lit. The friendships between the women are portrayed realistically, complete with occasional insecurities and self-doubts, but also fierce loyalty. Lis’ experience in the legal field and in the media allows her to write realistically about these characters and their adventures as they solve crimes.

  2. Excellently put, mourning for the character is exactly what I spent the majority of my reading doing. And YES, reading the previous books are kind of a must to develop and invested interest in the characters. Thanks for stopping by!