Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Secret Life of a Fool by Andrew Palau-Blog Tour-GIVE AWAY

Blurb from the back of the book:

Like many of us, Andrew Palau spent his growing -up years immersed in a selfish and self-centered life, numb to God and to the letters his evangelist-father wrote him. In The Secret Life of a Fool, Palau recounts his years of rebellion and reckless living--and the moment when the shame of his life collided with God's relentless grace, changing everything. 

It's an unforgettably gutsy story, packed with honesty and hope for us all. 
 (from the final published copy, which is much better than the blurb on the back of the ARC copy that I received first)

My Thoughts:

The book started out with Andrew and his family in a plane crash in Jamaica. One of the questions he asked himself was, “Was I living a life that, if snuffed out in a plane crash, would give a sweet aroma representative of what matters most?” that question kind of stuck out to me because I have been asking myself that a lot lately. Andrew then goes on throughout the rest of the book explaining about his lifestyle before he encountered relationship with the living Savior. From partying with drugs, alcohol, and women, Andrew’s life was on a downward spiral from what he had been taught while growing up in his parent’s home. 

What was refreshing about Andrew’s story is that not once in the entire book does he blame his parents for his choices in life. He credits them with being present in his life, of valuing him, of loving him unconditionally, of being great parents. He never once plays the blame game. He makes it quite clear that he chose his lifestyle because of a persona that he wanted to portray to the world.

He goes into detail about his emotional conversion encounter with the Lord and how it has changed him. He says, “Everyone…needs to come to God the same way.” Meaning we don’t all have the same backgrounds, but we all must repent. “Repentance is the rebel’s only way to God. And we all are rebels.”

The Secret Life of a Fool was a fast read and is sure to touch many lives.

Thanks to Worthy Publishing for sending me an ARC copy for review. They also were kind enough to send me a final published copy that I will be donating to my church library. 

Here is the book trailer:

And now it is GIVE AWAY time! The publisher will send a copy of The Secret Life of a Fool to one winner. If you would like a chance to win leave a comment along with your email address. I use to choose winners for contests. Winner will be chosen one week from today on April 12, 2012. US and Canada residents only please.

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  1. This book caught my attention. I'd love to read Andrew's story and share it with my students. Blessings, Julie!

    reneeasmth61 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  2. Excellent Renee! You are in the drawing!

  3. I've just read it, so I don't need to enter the drawing. I really enjoyed it--good for teen readers, young adults, and parents of teens as well. I like your review.