Tuesday, April 10, 2012

30 Day Challenge-Day 11

Favorite restaurant and the food you like there:

I love porterhouse steak. I love Saltgrass Porterhouse steak! My daughter and I always split this meal because it is rather pricey. We get a porterhouse steak, mashed garlic potatoes and a salad. You also get a loaf of bread with butter. Mmmmm mmmmm good.

My favorite place to get Italian food is:

The bowtie festival is my absolute favorite. Of course I end up bringing the majority of it home because first I always get a salad, then they bring a loaf of bread with some roasted garlic in oil to dip the bread in. By the time the main dish comes I'm too full to eat it! If I'm too terribly full(since I don't eat the entire entree) I order a scoop of spamoni. mmmmm!

My favorite Mexican Restaurant:

This is a restaurant out in California. My favorite place to eat when I go home to visit. My favorite thing to eat there is cheese enchiladas. I know you can get cheese enchiladas anywhere, but I have found outside of this restaurant the enchiladas are usually served with chili con carne over the top of them. At Cafe Delicias they are served with red sauce over them. They are the best besides my home made!

Uh oh, I think this post shows that I am a foodie!

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