Saturday, April 14, 2012

30 Day Challenge-Day 15

Today's challenge we are supposed to shuffle our MP3 players and put the first 15 song titles that come up. Well I don't have an MP3 player(gasp). I don't listen to music that often. Usually just the radio in the car while I'm driving. Sometimes in the house when I am cleaning. Always and only on Air1. So I thought I would post today something that I am thankful for this weekend.

We had this shelter put in a year ago. We haven't had to use it very often, but it sure helps give me peace of mind when the storms come through. This is a busy weekend for storms in my neck of the woods so I am VERY thankful for my hidey hole! Friday night my daughter, her friend and I had to take shelter in it. My husband was at work. Today(Saturday when I am writing this up) stronger storms are projected for the evening. I have put out the word to all of my friends that do not have shelters that they can come hide with us. Friday evening a tornado hit the middle of the town where we live. We live in the country and thankfully the tornado didn't stay on the ground that long to visit us! I would say that this shelter is one of the BEST investments that we have ever made. Here's praying that the storms won't be as bad as the weather people are projecting!


  1. So scary! I hope the storms aren't that bad and you all are safe. :)

  2. No storms here today :) and yes, they are scary! My heart always drops when the sirens go off. I don't think I will ever get used to that sound. ha!