Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hand of Fate by Lis Wiehl

When talk radio host Jim Fate is murdered there is no shortage of suspects. Over the years he has made many enemies with his opinions.

Once again The Triple Threat Club are on the case. They must find the killer while also dealing with personal stresses in their life.

 FBI Special Agent Nicole Hedges is battling her awakening feelings for fellow agent Lief. She is determined to only be friends and never allow a man into her life. Bitter and angry at God she is determined to protect her young daughter from the mystery of her birth. Will she be able to trust Lief with a secret she has never shared with anyone?

Federal Prosecutor Allison Pierce after trying for so long is finally pregnant. But will the stress of her job and the events that happen cost her the one thing that she has longed for for years?

Reporter Cassidy Shaw has a connection to Jim Fate that she would prefer nobody knows about. All of her dreams of becoming a news anchor and being at the top of her game seem to be falling away. The TV station has hired a younger girl that causes Cassidy to work even harder to remain at the top of her game. Soon she turns to sleeping pills to help her get the rest she needs at night. Before long it begins to affect her behavior. Allison and Nicole must save her from herself once again.

The Hand of Fate was a great mystery. This is the second book in the Triple Threat Club series. I enjoyed getting to know each of the women a little bit more in this installment. I have to say that Cassidy is one of those characters that I am having a hard time liking. She seems to have a knack for getting into bad relationships and situations. I do like however the way that Nic and Allison are there for her and encourage her to get the help that she needs. Looking forward to Heart of Ice, the next book in the series.

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