Friday, October 23, 2015

The Shadow of Death by Debbie Viguie

I really liked this installment in The Psalm 23 Mysteries! So much excitement and so much danger.

Cindy and Jeremiah are still dancing around their relationship with each other. Of course it would be difficult to solidify since he is a rabbi and Cindy is a protestant. Jeremiah's past is finally going to catch up with him in this book.

The Mossad calls Jeremiah back into service and he must go back to Israel. Cindy refuses to allow him to go without her though. Too many times when they have been separated things go bad and Cindy has a dread that if she is not with him something bad will happen.

Of course bad things happen from the minute they get on the plane! Jeremiah and Cindy once again put on the charade of being married in order to have a good cover of why they are in the country.

Meanwhile back in the States Mark and Traci are having some excitement of their own. Mark is still trying to find out the truth of who his former partner is along with solving a murder of a homeless man on Jeremiah's front lawn. It seems that Mark and Traci and Cindy and Jeremiah are destined to always be in the midst of murder. Mark is hoping for some peace before his and Traci's baby is born, but that is not the case in this situation.

Once Jeremiah and Cindy are in Israel and undercover Jeremiah must reveal who he really is to Cindy. He just knows that the love and admiration he sees in Cindy's eyes will never be the same once she knows the truth and sees him in action. Cindy is made of sterner stuff than that though and she helps Jeremiah every step of the way on this dangerous and revealing trip that threatens both of their lives and the future of their relationship.

I devoured this book so quickly! Action scene after action scene kept me in the mode of "Just one more chapter" before I could move on to my responsibilities. I am much relieved to finally have the truth of who Jeremiah was/is revealed. There are definitely going to be hurdles in their future relationship, but at least the blinders are now off of Cindy and she doesn't have to wonder. I'm definitely in stress-mode now wondering if Jeremiah is going to be able to go back to his "normal" life after delving so deeply into his past nightmares. Looking forward to reading the next installment of the series. Soon, very soon!

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