Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Walk Through The Valley by Debbie Viguie

Once again Cindy stumbles onto a murder at her church. Before she can become involved in solving the crime though she is off to Las Vegas to be by the side of her brother who is in a coma after an accident. 

Jeremiah is left behind though to help solve the mystery. Jeremiah telling Cindy a part of his past didn't go over too well before Cindy left. Jeremiah has tried to leave before his past catches up with him, but Cindy has a hold of his heart and he is reluctant to put their relationship behind. Besides, who would protect Cindy if he isn't around?

Mark and Traci are on vacation and Mark is determined to relax and put all thoughts of murder behind him for two weeks. Unfortunately murder has a way of following Mark, Cindy and Jeremiah even when they aren't in the same place at the same time!

There seemed to be a lot going on in this installment of the Psalm 23 Mysteries. I think I would have preferred all of the main characters to be together rather than working apart. Eventually Jeremiah and Cindy do end up working on the same mystery together, so that was good. As far as the 3 separate mysteries go, I thought they were all good and maybe could have been developed into their own stories. I'm still a fan of the series and am once again looking forward to the next installment where I hope all of the friends will once again be together. Oh, and Jeremiah and Cindy's relationship heated up a bit in this one! Can't wait to see where that goes.


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