Monday, October 26, 2015

I Will Fear No Evil by Debbie Viguie

The perfect book for Halloween coming up! I didn't even think of that as I opened it up...and finished it in one day!

Jeremiah is having a hard time getting back to "normal" after his and Cindy's trip to Israel. Cindy feels him pulling away, but he refuses to talk about what happened while they were there.

Mark calls Jeremiah and Cindy in on a murder case when a young girl is found in a basement. Looking like an occult killing the trio are creeped out by the whole experience and Cindy ends up in the hospital from an allergic reaction to something in the basement.

In the meantime First Shepherd church is getting ready for their first haunted house scare-fest. The youth pastor, fondly called "Wildman", Dave is in his element. Beyond excited to be able to reach out to many of the youth in town, he's come up with a haunted house maze filled with Biblical scenes that are sure to scare the pants off of everyone going through.

Add in an FBI agent that has worked these occult cases before and you have a story filled with murder, mayhem and the supernatural guaranteed to cause you a few restless hours in the middle of the night!

Normally I avoid anything that delves into the realm of satanism or witchcraft. Thankfully I WILL FEAR NO EVIL doesn't delve too far, although it is pretty creepy. I'm still a bit confused as to Trina's "real" job as the FBI agent. Seems she had some abilities to communicate with the supernatural, but it never really came out in the book. I wonder if her character will be developed in future books or if that is all we get to glimpse of her. There was a touching scene between Mark and Jeremiah that I really liked. It is now Mark's turn to counsel Jeremiah. There was a bit in the book that I didn't think held true to Traci's character as a strong woman and so I was a bit disappointed in that. Eventually Jeremiah and Cindy are able to have a moment to talk about their feelings that were expressed while in Israel, and there are a few pretty steamy kisses between them. But there are still hurdles in that relationship I'm afraid. I had the luxury of being able to read this in one day, only because I ignored everything else and kept turning those pages! If you are looking for something to get your fright-bone shivering at this time of year then definitely pick up this suspense and enjoy!

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