Saturday, May 30, 2015

Restoreth My Soul by Debbie Viguie

Detective Mark Walters is reluctant to involve Rabbi Jeremiah Silverman in another case, but he has no choice when a body is found in a home where the walls are filled with Hebrew writing. Mark needs the Hebrew translated immediately in hopes of discovering who may have killed the man who apparently, as he was dying, wrote one last word on the wall, "restoration".

Jeremiah is reluctant to become involved in the case because when he arrives at the scene he realizes he knows the dead man. A man who approached him months before wishing to speak to him, but never kept his appointment with Jeremiah. Plus this is the beginning of one of the busiest times of year for the Rabbi.

Both Mark and Jeremiah wish to keep Cindy out of the mix of this case as well, but unfortunately the stakes are high for the killer and Cindy is reluctantly drug into the whole mess as well. Cindy thinks that she has recovered from her ordeal in Hawaii, but when the stress of the case and stress at work between the pastor and the music minister become too much Cindy realizes just how fragile she is.

This is book 5 in the Psalm 23 Mysteries and Jeremiah's past is still a mystery. I'm enjoying each installment, but am ready for Jeremiah's secret to be revealed. He almost spilled it to Cindy when he was on some pain meds this time around, but to his great relief he didn't. He is also beginning to have feelings for Cindy that he is trying to deny. Well, actually they are both trying to deny their attraction to each other which really is complicated. Jeremiah's a Rabbi and Cindy is a secretary at a Presbyterian church, how can they work that out? I'm seriously hooked on this series and keep telling myself that each one I read will be my last for a while, but once I finish one I find myself going and buying the next! Once again if you are a fan of mysteries, suspense and a bit of romance check this series out, you won't be disappointed!

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