Thursday, June 4, 2015

In The Paths of Righteousness by Debbie Viguie

Hoping to give Cindy and her friends a much needed vacation Kyle, Cindy's brother, invites them to go on a cattle drive with him. What he  neglects to tell them is that this cattle drive will be filmed as part of one of Kyle's adventure episodes. The drive seems to be doomed from the beginning with the death of one of the crew, but Kyle insists the show must go on and so everyone saddles up no matter how reluctant they are.

Jeremiah is determined that the footage from the filming never gets put on TV. He has secrets to keep. Neither Cindy or Jeremiah can define their relationship yet, but those around them seem to assume that they are in love. Jeremiah knows that in order to protect his secrets that eventually he must leave, but his attraction to Cindy and desire to keep her safe keeps him from doing that.

Miles away from any town or law enforcement Cindy, Jeremiah, Mark and Traci realize that there is a killer among them and that Kyle is the person's target. Will they be able to figure out who it is before anyone else is killed?

Loved the setting of this one! I really enjoyed the "gang" being all together to solve this case as well. I also liked that we got to see Cindy and Kyle together. After so many books with hints of the jealousy that Cindy has for Kyle, and her parents obvious favoritism for him, it was fun to read about what makes him tick. We are still in the dark as to Jeremiah's past and also what happened to Cindy and Kyle's sister many years before, but with each installment we learn just a little more of both. I really like the dynamics between the 4 friends. Cindy and Traci get along well together even though Traci keeps pushing Cindy to talk about her relationship with Jeremiah. Jeremiah and Mark have a healthy respect for each other. Mark knows that Jeremiah has secrets from his past and he is okay with letting those secrets lay. Mark's search into his former partner Paul's past has hit a roadblock, but at the end of the book a new clue surfaces and he enlists Jeremiah and Cindy in helping him to hunt it down. I'm definitely looking forward to reading the next book in the series to see what happens there! Mystery and series fans I have not been disappointed in any of the Psalm 23 Mysteries, so if you are looking for something exciting to read check these out!!

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  1. I have been reading these books on the recommendation of a friend. But I am struggling to get through them, mostly because of the glaring plot holes. In this book, Cindy sprains her ankle. Yet two days later, she can walk on it. At that point, it gets re-injured, yet that doesn't set back her recovery at all? I also objected to the fact that in the book set in Hawaii, she broke her arm, yet never had it set or lost the use of it for more than a page or two.

    I am curious about the continuing story lines, at least enough to keep reading the books, but I get frustrated reading each one.

    1. hmmm, guess I just figure it is fictional license to hurry along healing or omit stuff that we could assume. I've enjoyed all of the books very much. You have to admit they are keeping your interest to at least have you reading the next ones ;)