Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Lie Down In Green Pastures by Debbie Viguie

In this installment of the Psalm 23 Mysteries Cindy is still fairly new to the whole murder thing. Murder seems to find her though. She and Jeremiah have been keeping away from each other. Jeremiah has secrets to hide and he can't risk getting close to someone like Cindy who has a way of ferreting out secrets.

When dead bodies start piling up Cindy is sure that they have something to do with a new developer that has moved into town who is determined to purchase camp Green Pastures.

Little do Cindy and Jeremiah know to what lengths the person that actually wants Green Pastures will go to to get it.

Well after reading this installment it is obvious that Jeremiah has some sort of background in the military. A job so violent that Jeremiah would rather do anything than go to that place in his psyche. It serves him well though when he once again is called upon to play the rescuer.

Cindy? That girl has a knack for being at the wrong place and the wrong time! But she has some serious skills with darts! All of her practice on her picture of her brother pays off in this book! I'm definitely a fan of this series and have already gone and purchased the next book in the series for my Kindle. I think I may go broke by the time I collect all of them! Debbie Viguie knows how to keep the reader turning the pages in these suspense novels. I highly recommend them if you like a good suspense story.

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