Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Explosive Alliance by Susan Sleeman

While at a soccer game with her ailing grandfather Krista Curry finds it odd when a young man leaves a backpack in his seat. When she points it out to the young man he brushes quickly past her with an evil stare in his eyes. After waiting 15 minutes for the man to return Krista decides to check the bag. Inside she finds a bomb. Hoping to not rouse a panic Krista heads back to the security guard on duty who had flirted with her earlier.

Cash Dixon is on the First Responders unit. When Krista approaches him about a bomb in a backpack he knows exactly what to do to dismantle it. Now if he only knew what to do about his growing feelings towards Krista.

Krista is keeping secrets, but for some reason Cash feels that he can believe she has nothing to do with the bomb. His co-workers have no such belief though. Krista has no intention of ever trusting another man in her life. But there is something about Cash that draws her. When the media finds that Krista can identify the bomber Cash is determined to keep her safe.

Both Cash and Krista must battle past and current demons before they even begin to explore their feelings for each other. Will Cash be able to keep Krista and her Opa safe and will he continue to believe in Krista's innocence after he finds out about her past? And can Cash open up to Krista about his own painful past and once and for all find peace?

I love the way that the First Responders books start out with so much action and excitement. They draw you in from the very beginning. Filled with suspense both in danger and in romance, Explosive Alliance keeps the reader turning pages quickly to find out what happens. There are also enough twists and turns to keep you wondering "who done it?" I'm definitely looking forward to the next installment of the First Responders series.

**Thanks to the publisher Harlequin through NetGalley for my copy for review purposes. All opinions are my own.**


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