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A Place Called Home series by Lori Wick


Christine arrives in Baxter, Wisconsin on the run from her hometown of Spooner. Her grandfather has just passed away and his partner wishes to get Christine out of the way in order to inherit all of her grandfather’s money. When Christine is robbed and injured she is taken to Mark Cameron the town doctor. When he hears Christine’s story he comes up with a plan to help her. The Cameron men are always dropping in on their grandmother to make sure all of her needs are met, Mark asks Christine to work for his grandmother. It would provide a home for Christine and companionship for his grandmother. Grandma Em is not happy with the situation at first, but soon grows to love Christine as her own granddaughter. The Cameron family is just what Christine needs to help her wounded soul heal. They teach her of the love of Christ and it isn’t long before Christine commits her life to the Lord as well. Luke Cameron is Mark’s twin brother. At first he too is leery of having Christine stay at Grandma Em’s, but it doesn’t take long for Christine’s sweet spirit to captivate his heart. Christine is still in danger though from her grandfather’s former partner. The Cameron’s just don’t know the lengths that he will go to make sure Christine is no longer alive. 

The Place Called Home series is another favorite series by Lori Wick. Luke and Christine are perfect for each other and I enjoyed their romance throughout the book. Lori Wick is absolutely one of my favorite authors. She is retired from writing now, but I grew up reading her stories and have collected everything she ever wrote. One thing I love about each story is that she leaves no doubt in the readers mind about the need for a character to repent of sin and turn their life to serving the Lord. Many life lessons have been learned through reading her books. 


Silas Cameron just gets home from a trip selling his and Luke’s horses just to turn around and head to help out a friend who is laid up with a broken leg. Years ago Silas went to help the same family when their beloved mother and wife passed away. Silas and Amy became fast friends, almost like brother and sister really. Now Silas is looking forward to seeing Amy and continuing their friendship. It seems that the friendship starts off right where they left off years before, but then Silas’ feelings change to more romantic ones for Amy. 

Amy was dumped by her fiancé and has no intention of allowing someone to break her heart again. Amy is quite happy to have her old friend Silas helping her and her father on their farm. Amy and her father are also happy to have Silas there when they hear of some bandits robbing farmhouses around the town. It is even more concerning when they hear rumblings in town that the robberies may be connected to someone that works at the bank where Amy’s uncle is president. 

Silas’ heart is broken when he finds that even though Amy returns his feelings she is unwilling to leave her father and make a life with Silas. Will Amy be able to overcome her fear and trust the Lord to take care of her no matter where she is? And will she ever be able to trust Silas after being betrayed by her former fiancé? 

I really enjoyed this installment of the Place Called Home series. Silas is so sweet, of course what Cameron man isn’t? I felt for Silas in his loneliness, having to face Luke and Christine’s love for each other every day was difficult, but yet Silas was willing to trust in the Lord to provide the perfect mate for him whenever He saw fit. There is also a bit of mystery in this series that adds a touch of suspense to each story that I found enjoyable. I’m looking forward to joining the Cameron family once more in reading Paul’s story.


Paul Cameron is excited to start preaching in his new church home. He’s also excited to find a woman to share in his calling. Corinne is everything he ever wanted in a woman and she will make an exceptional pastor’s wife. Even though Corinne is sickly Paul feels that the Lord will grant healing for her and they can serve Him together for the rest of their lives. When that doesn’t happen Paul is heart-broken and angry and decides to walk away from his God.

Abby’s husband Ian has just been killed. Running from a father-in-law that blames her for his son’s death Abby arrives in Baxter to be with her aunt, a nurse who works for Mark Cameron. Abby arrives just in time for the Cameron family to hear news of Paul. The family is devastated at Paul’s bitterness and desire to separate himself from the family. When Paul is injured in a logging accident they send Abby to care for him.

When Abby comes in to move Paul from his bunkhouse all he can see is her red hair. Lost in pain and bitterness Paul is less than nice to Abby. Abby is attracted to Paul, but her heart is still healing from her husband’s death. Paul is fighting his attraction to Abby so he treats her even worse because he resents her being there and not Corinne. Can these two hurting souls help each other heal and possibly find love and purpose and forgiveness?

I love The Long Road Home! It is such an encouragement to me to read a story about God’s faithfulness in wooing one of His wayward children back to Himself. It makes me thankful to know that I serve a God that is patient and full of loving kindness. The author showed how bitter and low Paul had gone and how God was right there with him when he repented, ready to bring comfort and forgiveness. I think this book is my favorite of this series.


Ross Beckett whom we met in The Long Road Home is now a lawyer in Baxter. Setting up his own practice and getting ready to move into a home with one of his friends.

Silas and Amy are still childless. When they hear that 5 children just lost their mother and their father is missing, Amy is determined to take them all in. Ranging in age from 18 down to 5 years old, Silas and Amy take in the children providing for their needs. When Aaron Marks comes along claiming that he is the new owner of the Jackson family farm Amanda, the oldest daughter needs to consult a lawyer to find out if the paperwork is legal. Ross has never met anyone as vulnerable as Amanda and he is smitten instantly. But Ross is afraid of his feelings for Amanda, knowing that she does not know the Lord. 

I loved catching up with the whole Cameron family in this last book of the series. I was so happy for Silas and Amy to finally be able to fill up their home with children. Getting an instant family overnight is pretty draining, but the Cameron family is up to the challenge. I kind of got frustrated with Ross and his see-saw feelings for Amanda. Even after she comes to Christ he is whishy-washy. At first it was understandable because he felt he was in a relationship with another girl, but once that was over he still had unsettled feelings. I think he did kind of play with her affections a bit. But everything ended up Happily Ever After by the end so that was good for me.

A Place Called Home series is another one of my favorites from Lori Wick. I’ve read it many times and will probably read it many more in the coming years. 

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