Saturday, June 13, 2015

Opening Moves by Steven James

Opening Moves takes the reader back to when Patrick Bowers was a young detective. Trying to juggle working on his masters degree, a relationship and his demanding job doesn't seem to be too hard of a task for him.

It is 1997 and it seems that Milwaukee is once again being terrorized by a serial killer similar to Jeffrey Dahmer. Pat teams up with the FBI to investigate the murders and hopes to bring this killer to justice before he escalates anymore.

This book was so intense and disturbing! I loved it! If you are at all squeamish I would not recommend this series for you, but if you love intense suspense, mystery and twists and turns in your plots then definitely pick this series up. Steven James doesn't hold back from describing crime scenes which may be offensive to some readers. Some of the scenes in Opening Moves were a bit hard for me, especially when they involved children. Reading from the killers perspective was creepy and I had to put the book down at night and pick up something a bit lighter. Still I found that during the day I couldn't put this book down and now I'm moving on to The Rook as I have already read The Pawn. If you love suspense, if you enjoy twists and turns that have you constantly guessing "who done it" then give the Patrick Bowers Files a try.

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