Saturday, July 11, 2015

For His Name's Sake by Debbie Viguie

Book 7 in the Psalm 23 Mysteries was so good! I think each book gets better as they go on. Geanie and Joseph are preparing for their wedding, lovingly called "The Royal Wedding" by those closest to them. Cindy is the Maid of Honor and Jeremiah is the Best Man. When the girls are almost run over Cindy chalks it up to a crazy driver, but when an explosion rocks the bridal shop it can't be denied that someone is targeting Geanie and trying to sabotage the wedding. Mark's only choice is to bring the whole wedding party to Joseph's house to try and contain any more acts of violence. As the wedding draws closer tensions run high as they each believe that the killer will make one last effort at his target.

While all of the wedding preparations are going on Mark is still trying to find out about his partners past. Running into dead ends has gotten him discouraged and he is just about to give up when several new clues turn up. Jeremiah knows that his past is catching up with him, but he is determined to get through this wedding. As much as he doesn't want to, Jeremiah knows he must leave in order to protect those he has come to care for. His growing affection for Cindy is bound to put her in harms way and Jeremiah is not willing to risk her life. Cindy definitely has feelings for Jeremiah but she is still denying them to herself and to her friends.She knows that Jeremiah has a secret about his past, she doesn't know if she wants to find out what that secret is though.

With bombs going off, trips to the hospital, intruders in the night and wedding preparations to be completed Cindy, Jeremiah, Mark and their friends are once more plunged into a mystery that places them all in deadly danger.

I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying this series! I love the suspense, I love the relationships and I love the characters! No, we still don't know all about Jeremiah's past at the end of this book, but we are one step closer. I have a love/hate relationship with the way two mysteries have remained unsolved since the beginning of the series. The first being the real identity of Mark's former partner and the second, who is Jeremiah and who is coming after him? I love it because it keeps a common thread and tension throughout the series, but I hate it because I desperately want to know! I have decided that each book in the series is going to be my monthly treat for myself. Each payday I will order the next book for my Kindle. There are some advantages and disadvantages to this process. The advantage is that I won't get burned out on them reading them one right after the other and I won't strain my pocketbook for the month. The disadvantage is that I gobble them up so quickly that I am desperate for the next book in the series immediately after I finish one! I highly recommend this series if you haven't read it. It looks like there are 11 in the series right now. I'm a series fan and I'll tell you, I have not been disappointed in one of these books!

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