Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Silent Sabotage by Susan Sleeman

All Emily Graves wants to do is keep her Aunt Birdie's Bed and Breakfast afloat and take care of  Birdie as her memory declines. But one accident after another threatens to close the B&B down.

Archer Reed happens to be on the scene when a gunman starts shooting in a local mall. Preventing the man from killing Emily, Archer is concerned when the gunman threatens that there are others out to kill Emily.

Emily knows she can never trust a man. After watching her mother go from one man to another Emily has decided that men are not to be trusted. Archer knows that he can never trust a woman because once they find out about his trust fund he can never be sure if they want him for just his money. How can these two people who are becoming more and more attracted to each other learn to put their trust in God and put their past insecurities behind them?

Another page-turner by Susan Sleeman! As always she kept me on the edge of my seat and turning the pages. I loved Emily and Archer. I love that Archer is so protective. He can't help himself. Even when Emily makes it clear she doesn't want or need his help, he still protects her. I love that the whole First Responders team jumps in when one of their own needs them. All Archer had to do was make a phone call and they were all there to help with Emily's situation. I also love that each First Responders story has a Spiritual lesson that the characters learn.  Now the only one left without a significant other is Jake. I'm looking forward to reading his story!

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