Monday, July 11, 2016

Pony Express Hero by Rhonda Gibson

Jacob Young arrives at his new job just in time to save a little girl from being killed by a raging stampede. How did she come to be in the ravine where the herd was stampeding?

Lilly Johnson cannot figure out how her sister Daisy ended up in that ravine, but she is determined to keep her eye on Daisy and not allow anything else to happen to her. Suspicious of all men Lilly doesn't know if she can trust the new Pony Express man. Jacob too has trust issues. Being left on the steps of an orphanage Jacob would like to find his birth mother so he can ask her why she left him.

Jacob soon falls in love with little Daisy and he too will do anything to keep her alive. Who could be out to harm the little girl? And how long can Jacob keep his heart closed towards Lilly?

I thought this was a sweet romance with an added bit of suspense to tie it all up. I enjoyed Lilly and Jacobs characters. Jacob was an honorable man who would do whatever it took to keep the women safe. Lilly too was honorable in that she was always honest with Jacob even if it meant she could lose what she loved most. I enjoyed the story very much. If you have never tried a Love Inspired Historical fiction I recommend them.

**I won my copy of Pony Express Hero in a contest. I was not required to write a review. All opinions on this review are my own.**

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