Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Hundred Julys by Holly Schindler

 Norma, one of the main characters in Miles Left Yet is featured in this month's installment of the Forever Finley Short Story Cycle. Now owner of Norma's Relics in the magical town of Finley Norma is at the time of life where she has no family responsibilities. She can now live her life for herself. Unfortunately the town of Finley has other ideas for her. Norma finds that she is responsible for putting on the annual antique car show. The car show that legend says town founder Amos comes to looking for his love Finley. Amos and Finley have been spotted around lately, will this be the year that they find each other? Of course Norma thinks all of this Amos talk is silly. That is until she encounters Amos herself!

I think each Forever Finley story gets better! Each month I say, "THIS one is my favorite" and then the next one comes out and I say it all over again! Of course I loved catching up with Norman once again. I loved her in Miles Left Yet, and she is just as feisty in A Hundred Julys. I love her independence and her determination to not let her daughter pigeon-hole her into the elderly realm. I also love the fact that she is still open to a new love interest. After losing 2 husbands, Norma is pretty sure that a third chance at love is not possible, but along comes Gary who reminds her of the excitement she felt as a teenager when seeing her first love. I also am enjoying the way that legendary Amos and Finley keep showing up "helping" along the townsfolk in their love stories. I look forward each month to see who they will help out next. The Forever Finley Cycle does not need to be read in order, each story is written as a stand-alone. Me? I'm an order kind of gal so I plan on continuing to keep up with the Cycle each month.

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