Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Forget February by Holly Schindler

In Forget February we learn about the founder of Finley. It is quite a sad love story between Amos and his love Finley. The legend that is celebrated in Finley(the town) is that Amos and Finley are still searching for each other to be reunited in the afterlife. Each year Finley residents decorate for Valentine's Day in the hopes that this will be the year that Amos and Finley will finally be reunited.

Two skeptics watching all of the goings-on preparing for the big party this year are Kelly and Nathan. Nathan has just been dumped by his fiance` and Kelly's life is not going the way she had thought it would or should be going.

Scoffing at the people around them for believing in such a legend and feeling like life has beaten them down Kelly and Nathan have no intention of being drawn into the legend of Amos and Finley. But, there truly is something about Finley that captures hearts and brings them together. And there is always hope that this will be the year that Finley and Amos finally find each other.

I thought this was a sweet story. While Finley and Amos's story is tragic I enjoyed the legend that built up around their love for each other and that a town would hold onto it and commemorate it each year.

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