Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Glimmer of Hope by Julie Lessman

In this prequel to Isle of Hope we get to know the young Lacey Carmichael and Jack O'Bryen. We see how Lacey's home life shaped who she was. Not receiving any love from her father Lacey is constantly testing Jack's resolve to lead a pure life. Lacey desires physical love from Jack to prove to her that he loves her. Jack is heading to seminary and has every desire to keep their relationship above reproach, but Lacey's brokenness drives him to constantly prove to her his love.

As always Julie Lessman writes a passionate story. Her characters are always driven by fierce emotions. Frankly in Glimmer of Hope Lacey is not a very likable person, she's needy, she's broken, and she's headed for destruction. I found myself wanting to grab her and shake her and then grab her and hug her! Her father is an awful man which we learn more about in Isle of Hope, and Lacey is constantly belittled by him and fighting with him. It is no wonder that she seeks to fulfill her need for love in a physical way because she has no example of love from her father. I found it interesting to read the dynamics of the adults in the story as well. Tess and Adam and Ben and his wife Karen were all best friends in Glimmer of Hope. You will need to read Isle of Hope to find out what these families go through.

I love Julie Lessman's books because they are so real. She writes about broken people in need of a Savior who is waiting with open arms for them!

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  1. One of these days I have to read Julie's contemporary novels. I've only ever read her historicals but as contemporary is my (overall) favorite genre, someday I need to read them. :)

    1. Any Julie Lessman book is a good book in my opinion :) Thanks for stopping by Rissi! It is always fun to see a comment from you :)