Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Murder, Handcrafted by Isabella Alan

I'm so sad! This is the last book in the An Amish Quilt Shop Mystery series. I have enjoyed this series so much. Angie and her dog Ollie have found a place in my reading heart and they will be much missed.

In Murder, Handcrafted Angie is once again pulled into a murder investigation. This time the murder takes place at her parents' home in Holmes County and her best friend Jonah is a suspect. Angie's parents are in the midst of remodeling their kitchen when their electrician is found dead at their home. Jonah refuses to offer an alibi to where he was at the time of the murder and he has never forgiven the man killed for the death of Jonah's cousin. Angie knows Jonah would never hurt a fly and so does her boyfriend Sheriff Mitchell, but the Sheriff is always thorough in his investigations and Angie is determined to prove Jonah is not a murderer. Add to a murder investigation spottings of Bigfoot in the area and once again the reader is entertained by the quirkiness of the townsfolk of Holmes County and the determination of Angie to make all things right for her friends.

I found Murder, Handcrafted to be just as entertaining as the other books in the series. Angie's dog Ollie and her cat Dodger have some great conversations together(yes, Angie talks to her animals, don't you?). Petunia the goat makes an appearance and is just as destructive as ever(I wonder if Angie's mom ever found out who ate her tulips?). I thought the Bigfoot aspect of the story was interesting and it added some entertaining moments to the story. Even though I am sad to say goodbye to Angie and company I thought the murder and the series were wrapped up perfectly and I can rest easy that Angie and her Sheriff will have their "Happily Ever After."

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