Friday, July 22, 2016

Goodness Gracious Green by Judy Christie

Lois Barker has been in Green for a year now and has made it her home. She has settled into her life in Green and things seem to be going smoothly. That is until Chuck and Dub decide that they want their newspaper back! They don't like the way Lois is running the paper so they offer to buy it back from her. When Lois refuses, they start a lawsuit against her. At the same time mysterious fires start occurring at the paper. Lois knows that Chuck and Dub are behind the fires, she just can't prove it.

In the meantime Lois and Chris's relationship is moving forward. It seems that Chris is ready to move on after the death of his wife, and Lois is who he wants to move on with. Lois is a little afraid to move forward in this relationship because she doesn't want to be compared to Chris's first wife. But Green has embraced her for herself and everyone seems to know that she and Chris are destined to be together even if Lois isn't quite sure yet.

I really enjoyed this second installment of the series. I love the town of Green and I love how Lois has jumped in with both feet and become so involved in the town. I also love the fact that she doesn't even get the fact of how many people she has helped out. She is too hard on herself as someone pointed out to her. I love all of the relationships she has made and I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.

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