Sunday, November 1, 2015

High-Caliber Holiday by Susan Sleeman

Things aren't going too well for Morgan Thorsby. Once an attorney for her father's company, Morgan has put all of that behind her to pursue her real passion of helping others.

Brady Owens is a former marine sniper who has let his negative past define who he is. Currently working with the FRS team, Brady is called in when a gunman has taken Morgan hostage.

Not only has Morgan just been held hostage, once she returns to her apartment she finds that someone has left her a sinister gift while she was away. Brady can't help himself when he sees that Morgan is in danger. He must protect her. But how can he protect her and protect his emotions when there is an obvious attraction between the two?

Brady and the FRS team work hard at protecting Morgan, but as her stalker escalates it seems that they are no closer to discovering who is putting Morgan's life in danger.

Susan Sleeman really knows how to weave a good suspense story that keeps the reader turning the pages to the very exciting end! With many twists and turns she manages to keep the reader guessing as to who the bad guy is. I really liked Brady and Morgan's story. Complete opposites as far as their upbringing, but with similar insecurities because of those upbringings. I really like how the author uses faith in her books to help a character overcome an insecurity or tragedy. High-Caliber Holiday is a perfect suspense story any time of year, but if you like to have a theme for your holiday reading then check this one out for Christmas!

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