Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Home, Hearth, and the Holidays by Melody Carlson

Daphne's deadline to get married is a few months away, but it seems that there are either no prospects or there are too many. Daphne's aunt left Daphne all of her inheritance only if Daphne married within a year of her aunts death. Daphne has been trying to find "Mr. Right" with the help of her friend and neighbor Sabrina.

Daphne thinks it would be very convenient if she fell in love with Mable's uncle Daniel. Daniel has custody of Mable. One problem though is that Daniel wants to go back into the Marine's and take Mable away with him. Daphne is wondering if a marriage of convenience would be the answer to keeping Mable.

In the midst of all of the Christmas rush of activities Daphne sets aside her need to marry and focuses on Mable and parties and pageants. Through it all Daphne's lawyer Jake is in the background. Lending an ear and advice to Daphne since he is the only one besides Sabrina that knows the secret of Aunt Dee's will. Daphne wonders if at 35 she will ever marry. All of the men she has dated and there has never been an attachment. The one man she admires and respects seems to withdraw from her every time they become close. Will Daphne be able to find her "Mr. Right" before her aunts deadline, or will she risk losing everything she has come to love in Appleton?

I was under the impression that this was the last book in the series and so when it ended I found myself a bit disappointed because there was really no conclusion to Daphne's story even though she thinks she has finally managed to snag her man. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that there is one final book coming out in 2016 so I am eagerly anticipating it's publication! Home, Hearth, and the Holidays was a sweet read and I found myself not wanting to leave the characters or the little town of Appleton where it seems everyone truly does know your name...and business! Daphne has a big heart and is eager to share in the life of her friends. Mable is a lucky little girl to be surrounded by so many people who love her. There was a scene that reminded me a little bit of a Pollyanna movie when the whole town rallies around the little girl. If you like cozy romances then I think this is the perfect series. And if you are looking for a book for the holidays then definitely pick this one up!

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