Saturday, January 5, 2013

Waiting for Morning by Margaret Brownley

Molly would do anything for her young brother Donny. After all she believes that it is her fault that he is in a wheelchair. Molly has been working as a dance hall girl in order to support herself and Donny since their father has died. When the town they live in catches fire Molly barely escapes with Donny and a few clothes that she can save from her tent home that they share.

When Molly hears of a rancher looking for an heiress to run her ranch in Arizona Molly and Donny head there. The only catch to becoming the heiress is to sign a contract to agree never to marry. Molly doesn't believe that she will ever have a chance to be married. Every time she has been proposed to, when the man finds out about her invalid brother Donny the potential groom runs for the hills.

On their way to the Last Chance Ranch Molly and Donny meet Dr. Caleb Fairbanks. When his new horseless carriage backfires Molly believes they are being shot at. Molly has always protected Donny so she instantly gets out her rifle and shoots back! Caleb makes an even lesser impression when once again his carriage backfires and he starts a stampede that runs straight for Molly and Donny's wagon.

Caleb is attracted to Molly but Molly has put up many barriers to her heart. She believes that The Last Chance Ranch is definitely hers and Donny's "last chance". When Caleb starts working with Donny to help him build up his inactive muscles Molly is less than happy. Miss Walker the ranch owner is also less than happy when she realizes that Molly had failed to mention her brother Donny. But Molly is determined to make this last opportunity work for she and Donny. She promises Miss Walker that she will be able to care for Donny's needs along with all of her duties on the ranch.

Having been shunned and gossiped about in her former church Molly has had no use for churches since. She hates the fact that people judge her by her dress. Molly's reason for dressing loud is to bring attention away from her crippled brother. Through Caleb, Molly learns that she too has judged church people wrongly and therefore limited God in her life.  It is hard for Molly to realize that the guilt she has carried around for years was false guilt and that God has directed her path throughout.

Waiting for Morning is the second book in The Brides of Last Chance Ranch series. The first is Dawn Comes Early. Also the character of Caleb Fairbanks is from another book written by Margaret Brownley A Vision of Lucy. I'm really liking The Brides of Last Chance Ranch series and am hoping that soon Miss Walker will have her romance. I think that in Waiting for Morning she was starting to soften a bit so I'm looking forward to seeing what the author has in store for her and her ranch.

I received my copy of Waiting for Morning from Booksneeze.

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