Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mental-Pause And Other Midlife Laughs by Laura Jensen Walker

This book totally made me laugh out loud! So many stories that the author told I would say, " I have had that happen to me!!" In fact one of the first stories in the book was how women in menopause can look at an object and the word for it not even come to mind. I had just gotten done trying to tell my daughter something about a box and couldn't figure out the word box!!! I was making the shape of the box with my hands, the word box was in my head somewhere, it just wouldn't come out of my mouth! Oh my! So when I read that in the book I was much relieved that other women experience the same thing. For a light-hearted look at hot-flashes, age spots and the mid-life spread Mental-Pause is the book for you!

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