Monday, January 21, 2013

Head in the Clouds by Karen Witemeyer

Adelaide Proctor has always dreamed about having her own family someday. When she follows the man that she has pinned all of those dreams on to Ft. Worth, Texas she finds that he was not the man she thought him to be. Once again acting impulsively Adelaide applies for a governess position for a ranch owner's daughter.

Gideon Westcott is an Englishman trying to prove to his father that he can make a go of a sheep ranch in the States. Isabella is his ward. Having promised Isabella's mother before she died that he would take care of Isabella, Gideon intends to do just that.

Adelaide instantly falls in love with Izzy and is just as determined as Gideon to keep her safe from the uncle who is determined to gain her inheritance. Gideon marvels at how Adelaide has transformed his Bella into the happy child that she was before her mother passed away. It isn't long before he is thinking of Adelaide and Isabella as "his girls." But it also isn't long before danger arrives to tear their new found family apart.

I enjoyed HEAD IN THE CLOUDS. It was a sweet love story mixed in with a bit of suspense and danger. That suspense and danger included a couple of more mature themes that would cause me to be careful who I recommend the book to. But in each of those scenes the circumstances bring the characters into a better understanding of who God is in their lives. I'm finding that Karen Witemeyer is becoming one of my favorite authors.

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