Thursday, January 17, 2013

Short-Straw Bride by Karen Witemeyer

Travis Archer and his brothers live in seclusion on their family farm. The only time that any of them have ever left was the time that Meredith Hayes trespassed onto Archer land and got caught in one of the game traps. That time Travis rescued her and despite his promise to his father to never leave the land unguarded he carried Meredith home.

Meredith is now a grown woman, but she has never forgotten Travis Archer. He has always been the featured hero of her dreams. Now Meredith's Aunt and Uncle are wanting to marry her off to a man that only wants her for her property. When Meredith overhears his plot to take burn the Archer's out of their land she must figure out a way to warn Travis. After all she owes him her life and must return the favor.

Forced to stay on Archer land while they protect it from their enemy, Meredith puts herself to good use. She gathers up all of the buckets and pots she can in order to have water ready for any eventuality. When she is accidentally kicked by a frantic donkey Meredith ends up staying a while longer on Archer land. Much to her Uncle's dismay Meredith's reputation is now in jeopardy.  Meredith's Uncle forces one of the Archer men to now marry her.

Travis wants to be the one to save Meredith's reputation, but the other brothers insist that they too would like the job. The solution to their problem? Draw straws for who gets to marry Meredith. Who will be the lucky man? And how will being the short-straw bride affect Meredith and the man that she marries?

Every now and then you just need a sweet romance and Short-Straw Bride filled the bill. I found it entertaining as well as comical in parts. Not all is fluff though, there is some danger and intrigue in the story as well that just added to the attraction for me. Looking forward to more books by Karen Witemeyer.

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