Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Formula For Danger by Camy Tang

Rachel Grant's latest research has her creating a skin cream to help remove scarring. Break-ins to the family spa and to the greenhouse that is raising the plants that she needs are just the beginning of the danger to come to Rachel and her family.

Edward Villa owns the greenhouses that are raising Rachel's Basil plants for her project. Edward has distanced himself from Rachel because of her workaholic ways, but when he realizes how much danger Rachel is in he steps in to protect her.

Everything Rachel does is overshadowed by her perception that her father disapproves of her. She has pushed herself continually to please him and seems to have failed. Edward must help Rachel to see that the only one she needs approval from is her Heavenly Father and she already has His approval.

As the danger escalates both Rachel and Edward must increase their faith in the God of all creation and let go of their reliance on self.

Formula for Danger is a suspense-filled ride that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat! I enjoyed every bit of it. Camy Tang is a versatile writer it seems. I have read her Sushi for One series that is filled with humorous situations, and have read the first two books in her Protection for Hire series that also have a flare for suspense and have enjoyed every one of her books! This is the first Love Inspired Suspense that I have read, but with Camy Tang as the author I can tell I'll be reading more!

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  1. Thanks so much, Julie! I'm so glad you enjoyed this! Thanks for the review!