Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weddings and Wasabi by Camy Tang-KINDLE

Jenn just graduated from Culinary School. The family expects her to now run her Aunty’s Japanese restaurant. Everyone knows that this is why Jenn has gone to cooking school. Jenn doesn’t want to run the restaurant for her aunty though. She wants to open her own catering business. But in Jenn’s family what she wants and what is expected of her are two very different things.

When Jenn finally realizes that her family does not care what Jenn’s desires are she decides that she is going to take control of her life and branch out on her own. She decides to open her own catering business instead of going into Aunty’s business. This brings the wrath of her Aunty onto to her. With the support of her cousins Jenn plans her first catering job for her cousin Trish’s wedding. 

While heading to a wine-tasting vineyard Jenn and her cousin Trish are passed by Edward on his Harley. They get a flat tire and Edward turns around to help them out. His family owns another vineyard nearby. He and Jenn are immediately attracted to each other.  He too comes from a large family that can get very loud!  After meeting Edwards’s family she realizes that she has neglected to pray for her business, she has neglected going to church and she has neglected reading her Bible. She soon remedies those things just as her dreams seem to start falling apart.

As always Camy Tangs books crack me up! Filled with a crazy family, a water gun attack, an Aunty bent on revenge, and a goat, Weddings and Wasabi is one wild ride! I do have one complaint though, Weddings and Wasabi was not as long as the other books in the series. I think that Jenn's story could have been more detailed. It was over too soon!


  1. She does make me laugh! I have liked all of her books covers.