Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bedbugs by Ben Winters

Alex and Susan find what they believe is the perfect apartment in Brooklyn Heights. The rent is perfect, there is plenty of room, and it even has a small “bonus room” for Susan to set up her painting studio. Their landlord Andrea is a bit eccentric, but sweet.

Soon after they move in Susan is bitten by what she assumes is a bedbug. They call in an exterminator who does a thorough sweep of the house. She turns up no bedbugs. Soon one bite turns into several. Susan is the only one being bitten though. Alex has no bites and their daughter Emma has no bites.

Susan spends her days researching bedbugs. The more she reads the more she is sure that their house is infested. But with her being the only one that has bites or that has seen an actual bug Alex begins to worry about her.  

Through her research Susan finds that she may be being attacked by something way more sinister than bedbugs. The drastic measure that she must take to rid herself of the menace attacking her may cost Susan her family. 

This reminded me a little bit of a Stephen King novel. Reality mixed with a bit of the supernatural. The suspense was intense enough to keep me turning the pages. Bedbugs made me squirm and to think about what the next “itch” really was.  I did have issues with some of the language.

Give Away! If you would like my copy of Bedbugs be the first to email me your request. 

Check out this creepy video:


  1. I dont think I could read this...Im already itchy just reading the title!!


  2. I know Tina! After I finished reading the book every little red mark on my skin reminded me of something creepy crawly!

  3. uhlugh! Creepy vid! the crunchetymunchety sound at the end was...(shudder) I am sooo itching right now. I may have to skip this one...

  4. The good thing about the book Serena is that it was more Sci-Fi-ish than reality. Although I know I wouldn't want to deal with bedbugs, reality or Sci-fi!

  5. GREAT review, Julie!!! You wrote it great!
    LOVE the video!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, too! Too bad I didn't think to add the book trailer!!!
    The book DOES make you think of them EVERY time you look at your bed, doesn't it!!!
    I wonder how long that will take to go away??? LOL!
    Thanks again!
    PS. To bad I didn't know you had the book! I saw it on another blog, like I had said, and HAD to read it! I just bought it at Amazon for my Kindle.
    Bummer part of my Kindle is my husband would LOVE the book, but he refuses to read on the Kindle! He would LOVE this! Then he'd poke at me and never let up at nighttime!! LOL!!! He'd figure out how to make the sound on the video!!!
    How do you get all these good books?
    Right now I bought and am reading "Before I Go To Sleep" by S J Watson.
    I like it. Really good. The wife, Chris, suffers a traumatic event, and loses her memory. Every morning she wakes up she doesn't even know who she is. Her husband has to take her around the house and show her where everything is. She is seeing a doctor behind her husband's back and keeping a journal. Every day the doctor calls her on the phone to tell her where her diary is. Her memory is coming back little by little. She's finding out her husband is not telling her everything that has happened in her past and it's driving her crazy. When she wakes up the next morning, though, she doesn't remember it until she rereads her journal! It's really good as all these pieces are being put together. I don't know if I should trust her husband or her doctor?? Yet!!
    It was one I kept seeing in the top of the Amazon list, and couldn't resist buying and reading this one for ME!!
    THIS time, I'm including a trailer, if there IS one!!! LOL!!!
    Maybe I should write an addendum to my original review of Bedbugs and ADD the Trailer!!!
    Great review!
    Laurie Carlson

    1. Laurie,
      My husband didn't think he would like a Kindle. But I bought him a Kindle Fire and he NEVER puts it down! I don't think he has read a "real" book since he got the Kindle. As far as Bedbugs goes...ACK! I couldn't even think about it when I was finished. Every little itch freaked me out. Then shortly after I read it our library had to be shut for a weekend to get rid of BEDBUGS! Ummmmm, I haven't gone in but once since then! And never to sit on the furniture. And while reading the book that I got from there I was freaking out that a bedbug would come crawling out of it! How funny!