Monday, June 20, 2011

A Vision Of Lucy by Margaret Brownley

Lucy Fairbanks loves photography. She would love to take pictures for newspapers. There are a few problems though. The local newspaper owner does not believe that pictures will help sell his newspaper and she is a woman. Her father doesn't want her to pursue her hobby because he thinks she should get married and settle down. Marriage is the farthest thing from Lucy's mind, until a handsome stranger saves her life from bandits robbing a stage.

David Wolf has come to settle a demon from his past. Being a half-breed David has always been subject to bullying. Many years before he was terrorized by a group of boys. He has returned to Rocky Creek to find those boys, now men, and seek justice.

From the moment David and Lucy meet there is an attraction. Accidents and trouble seem to follow Lucy wherever she goes. And when she becomes nervous or flustered she can't seem to stop talking, which leads to some pretty humorous scenes!

I enjoyed A Vision Of Lucy very much. There was humor that made me laugh out loud. There was a bit of mystery surrounding David's past. And there was healing and forgiveness. I'll have to go back and read the other 2 books in the Rocky Creek Romance series.


  1. I enjoyed the other Margaret Brownley book I read last year...forget the title now though...but I think I might actually be getting tired of historical fiction (Gasp!). I usually love it, but I've read so much of it in the past year that now I only want to pick up exemplary titles.

  2. GASP is right! I have a shelf full of YA books that I need to get to. But I have to switch off because sometimes I just need a grown-up book to read. Plus the older I get the more discriminating I am becoming with what I want to read. YA is not always the clean reads that I like.

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  4. Hi Candy! Thanks for following! Hope you enjoy future posts. I visited your blog. I liked what I saw! I'll come by and leave a comment soon!