Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pirate Of My Heart by Jamie Carie

When Lady Kendra's father dies she is left in the care of her scheming Uncle. He insists that she marry the man of his choosing or go to America to live with an Aunt and Uncle that she has never met. Choosing what she hopes is the lesser of two evils Kendra boards the Angelina to set sail for America.

Captain Dorian Colburn is not very happy about taking on a passenger. He is even less happy when he finds that his new passenger is a woman. From the moment Kendra and Dorian meet sparks fly. He is determined to never let another woman into his heart. But there is something about Kendra that touches his very soul. 

When Kendra reaches her Aunt and Uncle she is surprised to see how low they have become since settling in America. From being nobility in England to poor farmers in America, all because of her Uncle's penchant for gambling everything away.

From the moment Kendra arrives this Uncle too plots to marry her off to a scoundrel. What he doesn't count on is the interference of Dorian and his family who live close by.

Pirate Of My Heart is an exciting romance filled with romantic tension and suspense. Also, who can resist the amazing cover of the book? I would have picked it up just for that, but thanks to B&H Publishers I received my copy free. It is well worth the read!


  1. I'm looking forward to this one. Jamie Carie is usually a little edgier than most.

  2. Oh yeah, the kissing scenes were quite!

  3. Ha! Now that's what I'm talking about!