Friday, March 19, 2010

Status Update for Spring Break 2010

Well I can tell you all right now that my goals at the beginning of Spring Break were awfully lofty! I feel like I have chased my tail all week-long. Needless to say there has been little time for reading. As you can see I am still on the same book that I started at the beginning of the break. Ack! I so wanted to whittle down my "to-read" pile. And that is another thing~when I set the goal at the beginning of the year to read through that pile my friend asked me "how will you do that when you always keep adding books?" I pshawed her! Now I am eating humble pie! Because I have done exactly that! I get so many new books to read and they all look so much more interesting than the ones on my shelf that I just keep adding to it. I am finding myself wanting to visit my OLD friends like the Twilight series again and a couple of other series that I love to read. But alas I have no time for those old favorites. I am filling in some of my reading time reading through my Trixie Belden series. I haven't been posting reviews because I thought I would get through the whole series and then do one post. It is moving steadily. On the upside of this break I did manage to get my house clean in time for my daughter's 18th birthday party which was fun with family and friends. And today I am going to get my hair cut and colored so that I will look halfway decent when we go back to work. Right now my goal is to finish getting my shopping list ready so that we can go grocery shopping before the big snow storm hits...yes, I said SNOW! And frankly I am sick of it! But first before anything else I'm going to the spring break reading challenge and claim the prize I won...another book to add to my to read shelf!

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