Friday, March 5, 2010

Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies by Erin Dionne

Celeste Harris used to not think anything about her weight. But when a girl named Lively starts calling her names and when her aunt enters her into the Miss Husky Peach pageant Celeste decides it is time to do something.

Not wanting to be in the pageant Celeste plans on losing weight so that she will no longer be the type of model that the judges for Miss Husky Peach are looking for.

Losing her best friend to her tormentors only cements Celeste's determination to lose weight even when the chocolate cookies call to her.

Celeste agrees to enter the first round of the Miss Husky Peach contest with plans to sabotage her ability to win. There are things though that she likes about the pageant. She meets some new girls that are also competing that are encouraging to her. She has a stylist that helps her with her make-up and hair style. As she realizes that she isn't all of the names that she has been called she slowly gains confidence in herself.

Being able to overcome the heart-break of losing her best friend and to withstand all of the teasing from her tormentors we are able to see Celeste grow up and gain confidence in herself. There were some humorous parts in the story. I especially loved when it comes out that Lively wears water-bra's in order to enhance her bust! It made for some very humorous incidents. Even though that makes for great poetic justice though, I think Celeste's ultimate triumph is learning to be comfortable with who she is.

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