Friday, March 12, 2010

Dirty Little Secrets by C.J. Omololu

Lucy's mom is a hoarder. Lucy can never bring anyone over to her home because she is too embarrassed to let anyone see the inside of her house.  Her older sister and older brother have both moved out of the house. Lucy has a year and a half before she graduates from high school and goes to college. With so much stuff crammed in every room, a kitchen that has not been used for years, bathrooms that barely work Lucy spends a lot of time at her best friends home. She lives in fear that her friend will someday see the inside of her home and be so freaked out about it that she will not be her friend anymore.

When the unexpected happens how far will Lucy go to protect her family from being exposed?

Dirty Little Secrets gives a person a glimpse of what a hoarders life is like. And the affects that it can have on the whole family. I thought the story was well written. I felt for Lucy as her mother was always blaming her for the mess that their house was always in. I felt for her also as she struggled to keep the secret of her mother's sickness from her friends and community.

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