Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Shore Thing by Julie Carobini

Callie loves her hometown of Otter Bay. When she spots 3 men surveying the shore she is extremely upset to see one of the men throw his nasty cigar onto the ground. The animal wildlife is just returning to Otter Bay and Callie is determined to see it continue to grow. When she confronts the men she finds that they are definately surveying the area for development. That immediately embarks Callie on a crusade to save the area.

Gage is an architect hired to come up with plans for the new developement. Having left his last job because of ethical questions, he is now trying to be out on his own. Starting over in Otter Bay and this new project is the perfect way to start his own business. He and Callie clash from the moment they meet. Yet something sparks an attraction between them.

Both Callie and Gage not only struggle with the attraction that they have for each other, but also they each are having personal struggles with their faith. Gage is once more finding himself in a position where his ethics will be questioned. Callie is being threatened to stop her efforts to save the property for the community. They eventually find that God is more important than their efforts and He has a plan for both of them.

This is an ARC copy of this book. It has the potential of being a good story. I am hoping that before it goes on sale that there will be some editing taking place. The story switches back and forth between Gage's point of view and Callie's point of view. When we are reading Callie's point of view it is told in first person using "I" "me" etc. But when we are reading Gage's point of view it is told in a different tense and I think that the author slips up and switches different tenses. It was a bit distracting.


  1. Thanks, Julie, for taking the time to review A Shore Thing! I enjoyed reading your summary too. You're right that the ARC had not been edited. I did have the privilege of working with the talented Alton Gansky on the final version.

  2. I forgot to put on the review that I absolutely love the cover of the book! Also, lucky you! Living by the ocean! We moved from California 12 years ago and I so miss being within a couple of hours from the ocean. There is nothing like the soothing crash of waves! Good luck with "A Shore Thing"!