Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Demon by Tosca Lee

Clay is an editor at a publishing company. He is also trying to rebuild his life after his wife of 5 years has left him for another man.

Lucian is a demon. He starts visiting Clay taking on different human forms. Lucian wants Clay to write his(Lucian's) story. Lucian is one of the fallen angels. He was banished to roam the earth with Satan and the rest of the host that followed him.

Clay is facinated with Lucian's story. He seems unable to keep himself from writing each encounter down exactly as Lucian tells him. Lucian starts with the banishment of Satan and his followers. He then moves on to the creation and fall of man. Lucian is resentful that God loved the humans more than he loved himself and the other fallen. He is also resentful that God showed so much patience with the human race even when humans rejected His Son. Lucian seems to get angrier and more impatient with Clay the more that they meet. He is obsessed with time and keeps insinuating that there is not much time left for he and Clay to meet. He then insists that the story is no longer his(Lucian's) story, but that it is Clay's story.

This story was at times interesting and then other times confusing to me. I think that Tosca Lee was trying to impart that we all have a choice to make. Whether we are going to follow Christ or Satan. Also that our time here in the flesh is limited and we better make that choice early on before it is too late. Also that Satan will use any lie he can to keep us from seeing our need for a Savior. An interesting read from an interesting perspective.

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