Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break Reading Challenge Activity #9


Activity #9

We all have different tastes.  Today's activity is meant to help you get to know a little more about each other and talk about your favorite genre at the same time.  Here is what I want you to do:

1. Create a post about your favorite genre.  What do you read the most and why?  Look at the books you've read this year so far?  How many of those book are ones that fit in your favorite genre?

2. Come back here and link your post to Mr. Linky.

3. After some other people have posted about their favorite genres, go by and visit them.  At least a couple to say hello.

I think that my favorite genre has always been Mystery. Over the summer I read over 20 Agatha Christie books. I was housebound for several weeks and I got hooked on Agatha Christie again. I had read lots of her when I was younger. A friend of mine has every single Agatha Christie book so it was fun to place my "order" through e-mail to her and be able to borrow them. But I also love other mystery series. Jonathan Kellerman, Patricia Cornwell, Sue Grafton to name a few adult writers and then several YA writers. I think a close second in favorites is Romance. I like CLEAN romances. I have a lot of romance series. My favorite romances are Christian romances. My favorite author for that is Lori Wick. Another favorite author for romance with a twist of mystery is Dee Henderson. For my favorite non-Christian romance I have to go with Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight series. They are essentially clean(although the last book can give you the vapors!). So many books are favorites but don't fit into one absolute favorite book being Pride and Prejudice.


  1. I do enjoy mystery and Agatha Christie is one of my dad's favorites. I like listening to mysteries when I'm commuting because the drive flies by! I don't commute as far to work now, but I have listened to lots of Kellerman. I like Harlen Coben a lot, too. Thanks for the reminder of how much fun a good mystery is to read!

  2. Romance, huh? How are we friends again? ;) Oh, it must be the Mystery thang. Hope you're having a good week.

  3. I enjoyed the Twilight series also. I haven't read any of Agatha Christie's books, but I have seen a few of the made for tv movies.

  4. Have you read any Georgette Heyer? I know she has mysteries and romances. (Though I've never read any of her mysteries.) I do love how clean her romances are!