Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hero Type by Barry Lyga

Kevin is a hero. He saved Leah from a notorious kidnapper/rapist/murderer known as "The Surgeon." Everyone loves Kevin. They even give him a key to the city.

Unfortunately Kevin finds out that Hero-Worship doesn't last very long. A reporter snaps a picture of Kevin throwing away some "Support Our Troops" ribbons. That one mistake ends Kevin's Hero status.

Everyone assumes that Kevin is anti-America now. The rest of the story is then taken up with the issue of  Freedom of Speech. Kevin maintains that he is patriotic but he doesn't need to plaster that patriotism all over his car or be forced to say the Pledge of Allegiance just because everyone else is doing it. His point being that everyone should think for themselves and not just be a follower.

Barry Lyga has some very thought-provoking scenes in this book. I would be careful who I recommended this book too though because of the language and sexual references.

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